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Antisaint - Vaticinate

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 29 November 2021, 9:30 AM

How has Metal evolved from Rock ‘n’ Roll? And how has Rock ‘n’ Roll evolved from the blend between Gospel, Blues, Country and other genres? The only word that could answer such questions is “evolution.” Yes, one can take something that was used before and recreate it on a personal way. That’s the difference between BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE and LED ZEPPELIN, because the musicians of these bands had many common musical tastes, but the way of working and writing was different. And this is what can explain what ANTISAINT expresses on “Vaticinate”, their new album.

They’re an Alternative/Modern Metal band, with a fine mix between aggressive parts with that abrasive sonority mixed with charming and tender melodies. These words seem to point to another works that everyone heard before, but that’s not the case, because the trio works on a personal way on their music. So be prepared for melodic hooks entangled with a modern weight and a massive energy. The sonority of “Vaticinate” is not similar to what one can expect from a Modern Metal band. It’s defined and clean, even using some abrasive tunes on the guitars, because they’re not as greasy and low-tuned as it’s used to hear on other works. And it’s defined in an unexpected way.

The songs are divided in three different chapters, what means three different views on their music. The chapter “To Fear” shows a band mixing melodies and aggressiveness alike, but in a straight forth way, direct to the bones, with “Unrealistic Expectations” “I.D.”, “Between the Lines” and “Chaos” being the best ones, with fine contrasts and excellent vocals. On the second chapter, “To Digest”, the band is sounding in a more aggressive trend (even with the presence of good melodies), centering their efforts on some greasy and nasty songs as “Digesting Bones”, “Dead”, and “Feed the Crows”, in a tendency between New Metal and Metalcore (what means that the guitars are excellent on these one). And on the third and final act, called “To Create”, the band contrasts its natural sound with some experimental touches, so be prepared to “Mad World” (an introspective song), “Parasite” (some unexpected arrangements for the genre can be heard in some moments), and “Infinite” (another introspective moment), songs where bass guitar and drums show their valuable presence.

It’s obvious that ANTISAINT is a courageous band, and can surprise the fans of Modern Metal genres with “Vaticinate”. But they’re only beginning to show their potential, so be prepared for the future.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. To Fear - Chains
2. To Fear - Unrealistic Expectations
3. To Fear - I.D.
4. To Fear - Between the Lines
5. To Fear - Incomplete
6. To Fear - Fear
7. To Digest - Digesting Bones
8. To Digest - Dead
9. To Digest - The Sound of Voices Screaming
10. To Digest - Feed the Crows
11. To Digest - Reverie and Reality
12. To Create - Mad World
13. To Create - Rediscovering Reason
14. To Create - Parasite
15. To Create - Tranquility
16. To Create - Infinite
Matt Whiteman - Vocals
Andrew Whiteman - Guitars
Glendon - Drums, Percussion, Death Tambourine
Record Label: Independent


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