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Antiversum - Cosmos Comedenti

Cosmos Comedenti
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 22 November 2017, 8:59 AM

ANTIVERSUM is a Black/Death Metal band, formed in Switzerland in 2010. I wasn’t able to find any historical information on the band, nor a line-up, so the music will indeed speak for itself here. “Cosmos Comedenti” is their debut release, on Invictus Productions, and contains four tracks, of eight, seven, nine, and thirteen minutes in length.

“Antinova” leads off the assault. A swirling of white noise opens the track, with some dark and mysterious notes in the background. Following this brief intro, the first notes of horror are like a battering ram. The vocals are not much more than chilling utterances while fast-picked guitars amp up the Black Metal sound. It is murky, frightening, and pure evil in its delivery. “Creatio E Chao Orta Est” is another dark and doomy track, slow in pace, allowing the listener to wallow it utter despair and nothingness. It’s like the slow and agonizing awakening of a foul underworld beast who has been asleep for centuries, but has heeded his master’s call to rise and walk the earth once more, reaping everything in its path.

In contrast, the title track, “Cosmos Comedenti,” builds a thick wall of sound out of the gate; a structured chaos that threatens to blot out the sun with its energy and vitality. The world is burning around you, as bodies drop everywhere and you are covered with the ashes of the dead. Insurrection no longer has a purpose because there will soon be nothing left. The sound is so wicked that it registers as pure blasphemy. “Nihil Ad Probandum” is the thirteen-minute closer. I imagine that the sound emitting from a black hole in space might not be as formidable as what you have here. It’s is nearly devoid of melody entirely, and takes aim at an abominable sound that hasn’t even a hint of light.

What the album does best is present a harrowing set of tracks that, while not diverse in scope, uncover your deepest and darkest fears, most flagrant sinful desires, and call upon the wicked nature of humanity. It is utterly void of anything pure or good, and the unique vocal style really sticks with you with a haunting effect. If you are in the mood for something to stimulate your bad side, this will do it for sure.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Antinova
2. Creatio E Chao Orta Est
3. Cosmos Comedenti
4. Nihil Ad Probandum
No Known Line-Up
Record Label: Invictus Productions


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