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Antlion - The Prescient

The Prescient
by Michael Coyle at 27 January 2016, 8:53 PM

The band ANTLION are a band that use the term “Psychedethic” to describe their band on their Facebook page, but from further study the band are a Progressive Death Metal band hailing from Ottawa. The band first formed back in 2012. I really do not know much about the band, but I am interested in seeing what this band is capable of in terms of musicianship and imagination. Honestly, I hope everyone can have an open mind and check these guys out whenever they have the chance.

We start this record off with the track “Incubation”, which, from the start we already hear has the progressive elements that the band are able to bring to the table. They do well showing off some very interesting methods of musicianship. ANTLION mix smooth tones with that of powerful, aggressive touches that the band have been able to master as their own while still being able to leave everything up to the listener. The listener gets to enjoy the mix of the visual methods that the band have been able to blend into their sound giving life to a very chaotic mix of smooth concentrated tones which work to build each segment of the track.

The record thus far, is very different from anything that I have ever listened to. This shows that the band are quiet a unique engine of creativity and brutality, which makes the sound and the structure that is “Prescient”.  Honestly, for a lot of bands that try and use these types of ideas they always seem to go into the same pattern trying to copy each other, and saying that it's theirs or something else all together. However, with ANTLION, as far we can see we have a bunch of musicians that have come together in creating a very interesting piece of music that truly defines the band and their style as a whole.

As we continue we go into the track “Spire”, which honestly has captured my interest in a large way, the song starts off with some technical riffs that start slow helping the track. This helps build up to the main part of the track which once started gives us a look at the bands extreme side in a purer way. The way the band are able to mix together a technical riff, along with a fast and powerful drum beat is astounding to be honest. ANTLION have a very strong way of presenting their influences while at the same time making it so that they show their love for this music in a way that they can enjoy it. ANTLION really belt out a beautifully destructive song. Through this record we see through songs such as “Cycle Of Failure” and “Hive” that the band are able to bring together something different while at the same time familiar, which shows that with the patience this band has in creating their art. There is still a lot more to come, and with any hope we see the band extend their skills and ideas to a higher level. This is something which I really would look forward in seeing. ANTLION has really surprised me tonight with this interesting if not unique piece of music that brings out some of the best in each members skills to which really shows what is capable of when you put everything you have into something you enjoy.

4 Star Rating

1. Incubation
2. Hubris
3. Cycle Of failure
4. Hive
5. A Sheer's Elegy
6. Spire
7. The Prescient (Part 1)
8. The prescient (Part 2)
Adam Pell - Vocals &Bass
Shane Williams -­ Guitars
Joe Kruger ­- Guitars
Arend Nijhuis -­ Drums
Record Label: Independent


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