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Antropomorphia - Rites Ov Perversion

Rites Ov Perversion
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 20 September 2014, 9:53 AM

Now here's a band that knows how to write music, being about death, gore and sex with the dead and no this isn't CANNIBAL CORPSE. Instead welcome another Metal Blade Records band to the stage, ANTROPOMORPHIA are older but new Death Metal. Forming originally in 1989 releasing one album then breaking up in 1999, the band reformed in the late 2000's and have since released an album, and this will be their second. "Rites Ov Perversion" is a typical style of Death Metal, using unrelenting double bass drums, killer guitar work and some angry vocals to make your eardrums hate you when you turn it way up.

The songs are killer all the way through, ending with a special surprise. "Carved To Pieces" has a Chris Barnes style of pig squeal in, and that's the closest we are gonna get to the music itself being like CANNIBAL CORPSE. "Inanimatus Absqui Anima" is my favourite track throughout all of this, the song has a unforgiving double bass beat but the song isn't built to be fast, the song has an almost eerie slow pace when it sounds like it should be speeding up any second. The vocal style and how the lyrics are laid out is a different approach than most bands take and ANTROPOMOPHIA did it perfectly, no one else could have compared. Each song one by one changes dramatically, but keeps true to the album so each songs transition is flawless, not making you get whiplash from how much the tempo changes. The intro to "Tevfelskvnst" is one of the best you'll ever hear in a song, and the song only gets better from there, its a much quicker song than most on the album are. The big thing I like about the vocal style here is that the vocals don't speed up and he doesn't go so quickly that it makes no sense whatsoever when you listen to it. When the song hits a slower galloping section you're in for a treat, this riff here is phenomenal. The final stretch to the end of the song stays true to the song, being just as insane and powerful as the rest of the song and album. Now the reason I say this song is just as powerful as the rest of the album is the fact that the last track, "Open Casket" as you may have guesses is a cover. "Of who though?" some may ask, and to them I say what are you doing here, reading a Death Metal review when you don't know "Open Casket" by the masters themselves, DEATH! This cover stays true to the original but its not a complete knock off, the band makes it their own style, which some may like I myself did although I would prefer the original. On the other hand, others may thing they ruined it and to them, I don't see how you could think that outside of the fact that its not the same style of vocal as Chuck does.

That's it, that's the end. Hoorah! Here we are ANTROPOMORPHIA and their highly hyped Metal Blade album, Rite Ov Perversion" a great Death Metal release, with a swell cover to end it off. I highly suggest checking it out that's for sure.

4 Star Rating

1. Temphioth Workings
2. Carved To Pieces
3. Inanimatus Absqui Anima
4. Crowned In Smoldering Ash
5. Nekrovaginal Secretions
6. Gospel Ov Perversion
7. Morbid Rites
8. Tevfelskvnst
9. Open Casket
F - Vocals, Guitars
J. - Guitars
S - Bass
H - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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