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Anubis Gate - Andromeda Unchained (CD)

Anubis Gate
Andromeda Unchained
by Grigoris Chronis at 23 July 2007, 10:22 AM

I totally respect bands from Denmark. Be it the inheritance of MERCYFUL FATE/KING DIAMOND, ARTILLERY, PRETTY MAIDS and more obscure acts like WITCH CROSS, EVIL, NARITA, MALTESE FALCON, PROPHETS OF DOOM, INVOCATOR and…hmmm…I'd never imagine I'd fall in front of the INVOCATOR name again (this band released a wonderful technical thrash debut album in 1992, named Excursion Demise). All these, since Denmark's Metal heroes ANUBIS GATE release their third CD called Andromeda Unchained and - since I had no previous connection to the act's bio - I was thrilled to see ex-INVOCATOR members Jesper Jensen and Jacob Hansen here!
Limited was the chance to hear a parallel style from ANUBIS GATE; a change of times… ANUBIS GATE seems to focus a lot on the 'progressive' side of Metal music. Since this sound is not a beloved one, things could start getting a little bit of  'pain in the ass'. Thankfully, Andromeda Unchained does not seem to be bothering at all; on the contrary, the chemistry between Fevre and Jensen (the band's creators since the mid-80s, via multiple naming) seems solid enough for everyone's ears. ANUBIS GATE succeeds in putting lots of melody in the complexity of their songs' structure. Hansen's vocals are sweet and powerful - he reminded me of a Euro Power version of James LaBrie - while the guitar work is excellent. Heavy yet mature, sharp yet 'free', the Jensen/Olesen duo provides the listener with elegant soloing, hard-working rhythms and (most of all) the view of a thinking Metal musician.
Meaning: no virtuoso exaggerations here; just the epitome of a good musician who knows he needs to extend his horizon but still is a Metal fan. Good musicians, in general, who present melodic Prog Metal music as a mix of QUEENSRYCHE, CONCEPTION, SYMPHONY X, (enough of) DREAM THEATER, COMMUNIC etc. There's enough of 'classic' Metal music in Andromeda Unchained, too, but you gotta be an experienced metalhead to smell the blend.
The production of the alum is ideal; every instrument is heard 'as is'. Really, a wonderful sound you will adore. This - apart from the obvious - helps in enjoying an album that is 'extended' enough in duration (something less than 70 minutes, right). But, but, but…the sound is (as pre-said) so calm, the songs are (all of them) so comfortable and in-a-way straightforward while the variety of grooves does nothing less than keeping the listener in alert without letting him get tired. Isn't this the quintessence of a 'good' Prog Metal album?
Without being strictly 'prog', though, ANUBIS GATE did achieve raising the interest of even suspicious ears, like mine. Fans of 'thinking' Metal music, do not miss this album. Don't know what the band's previous efforts sound like, but Andromeda Unchained sees an excellent album by a band gaining a new friend.

4 Star Rating

Freak Storm At Post Zeta…One Child Missing…      
Waking Hour      
Andromeda Unchained      
Banished From Sector Q      
Beyond Redemption      
Resurrection Time      
Escape Pod      
This White Storm Through My Mind      
The Final Overture      
Take Me Home      
Point Of No Concern      
The End Of Millennium Road      
The Stars Of Canis Minor
Jacob Hansen - Vocals, Additional Guitars
Morten Sorensen - Drums
Jesper M. Jensen - Guitars
Kim Olesen - Guitars, Synthesizers
Henrik Fevre - Bass, Lead Vocals (on Take Me Home)
Record Label: Locomotive Records


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