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Anvil - Impact Is Imminent Award winner

Impact Is Imminent
by Craig Rider at 14 April 2022, 2:49 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: ANVIL; signed via AFM Records, hailing from Canadian grounds - performing Heavy Metal, on their 19th full-length Studio Album entitled: “Impact Is Imminent” (released May 20th, 2022).

Since formation in 1978 (as LIPS until 1981); this infamous band has an illustrious reputation of delivering a vast scale discography, influencing bands such as the American Big 4 - METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX etc while also remaining consistently legendary… crafting the staple classic known as: “Metal On Metal” that remains timeless and catchy as hell. ANVIL have had their fair share of offering top notch old school Heavy Metalthroughout the years, ranging from 13 Singles, 3 EPs, 1 Split Video, 1 Demo, 5 Compilations, 1 Live Album, 1 Video, 1 Boxed Set, and a mighty 19 Studio Albums in their catalog so far. Flying the Heavy Metal flag for over 40 years now, this respected trio now are back with a brand new Studio Album entitled: “Impact Is Imminent”, and I am excited to rock this one, having been a big fan of the records “Metal On Metal” & “Hope In Hell” that is and having seeing them once, maybe I need to look at the other records too? Maybe after this one; I probably will! Anyway, 14 tracks ranging around 49:57; ANVIL demonstrates an intricately designed formula on some Heavy Metal developments.

Opening up with this spoken-word introduction from a live setting whom I believe is FOO FIGHTERS legend; Dave Grohl, from the 25th Spirit Awards in 2015 (a blind guess thanks to google) …”Take A Lesson” begins the record with soaring rampancy and catchy distinction. Throttling speakers with rompy remedy; ANVIL take no prisoners while firing all cylinders with melodious rhythm, while rifting with rollicking synergy and bulldozing blitzkrieg right off the baton - a blistering firepower expertise belts a clobbering foundation in borderline rocking mayhem. Solidifying a boisterously bouncy calamity in flamboyant finesse, surging with rumbling reverberation & trembling sturdiness to boot. Coming next; the single “Ghost Shadow” steamrolls through with sonically seamless velocity, nothing short of trailblazing shreds motor with revving slays & killer grinds that pummel speakers with sulfurous yet vigorous meatiness.

Consisting of legendary rocker we know very well who needs no introduction; Steve “Lips” Kudlow” enforces a laceration momentum on primitively crunchy guitar hooks, along with some groovy dexterity and dynamic attributes in catchy artillery – while roaring vocals yell with shouty throatiness & rough authority. “Another Gun Fight” injects an infectiously weighty punch to it, as piledriving kicks rambunctiously pound the pavement with thumpy stompiness to it – from audible bass flickerer Chris Robertson & steely slammer Robb “Robbo Reiner on the hammering and battering drums. Drilling a profusely robust ramification on jumpy relentlessness where technical stridency reigns on with “Fire Rain” that showcases vehement utilizations on versatile maelstrom spectrums that revel with vibrantly potent swiftness, rapidly nimble agility and harmonic execution in which rivets with tremoring tenor amongst a rocking virtuosity that quintessentially frolics into a galloping, barrage frenzy for good measure.

Teabag” is a snappy rocker; an all guns blazing thrasher that will make you want to break chairs over other chairs in no time, the zeal here is astounding and energetic as hell - having a feel good vibe that’s like a choppy crescendo amongst an exhilarating tremolo tempo to it. “Don’t Look Back” goes back to the thudding manifestations of those bellowing, but high-pitched pipes & screaming solos - contrasting a hybrid experimentation on those concretely gritty chimes while the songwriting musicianship supplies this memorable craftsmanship embedded indelibly well. It’s all engines go with this record, nothing but impactful impulse and fast but furious ardor, as “Someone To Hate” is a vicious monolith of tempo driven haste, strap yourself in for a ride of euphonic aggression and immensely intense adrenaline as amplified bashfulness rises up with masterclass stampede – no hesitation and no restraints!

Bad Side Of Town” is a bar brawler; one of those tracks that has a drinking fuelled, hardened rocker substance to it. In fashion to us metalheads who crave a good ol’ mosh pit, this one gets heads rolling with piercing rebellion & rigor to boot. While “Wizard’s Wand” wonders with razor-sharp tonality with those melodious yet organic pursuits, striking with tight buoyancy and vivacious verve, swerving with captivating appeal amongst a nice pattern that doesn’t fall flat but keeps the ball banging with rich thrust. “Lockdown” is based on the pandemic of the last 2 years, something we all fought through without having an insatiable need to go out & do what we love the most - see bands! Caught in a mosh? This time, we were caught in a lockdown, unfortunately but in England, we had a furlough at least to keep us supporting our favorite bands! Anyway, the next banger “Explosive Energy” brings back full force speed with groovy bombast - unleashing this pandemonic trampling that shows no sign of slowing down, gripping a wildly rushing smacking that just motivates me with upbeat yet outbursting portrayal.

The Rabbit Hole” keeps this strife rolling with steady headiness, a flow that stamps with nice fluidity and polish… noticing a lot of similarly profound riff tones that remind me a little of Wolf Hoffmann from ACCEPT by a small margin, showing a distinguished professionalism of silver-lining equality which merges a grandiose grandeur on flourishing complexity. It shows ANVIL have morphed their signature musicianship capabilities and have evolved with transformative results, massively. While the penultimate epic “Shockwave” revolves around a mellifluous transition of volatile yet salubriously groundbreaking collision. While the overall concluding basher “Gomez” culminates jazzy intrigue in which prodigiously closes “Impact Is Imminent” with radically wicked yet flexibly fundamental detail and diligence.

Bottom line; wow, I am blown away with how excitingly enjoyable “Impact Is Imminent” really is. It’s nothing short of mind-blowing along with enthusiastic flair and charismatic exuberance in which revolutionizes ANVIL greatly, it’s an album that’s surprising while remaining towering with strong persistence to boot in persevering with avante-garde and listenable metal that’s state of the art. Do check it out, surely worthy of spinning & replaying a bunch of time! Masterful & refreshing. An experience that needs discovery for sure.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

01. Take A Lesson
02. Ghost Shadow
03. Another Gun Fight
04. Fire Rain
05. Teabag
06. Don‘t Look Back
07. Someone To Hate
08. Bad Side Of Town
09. Wizard´s Wand
10. Lockdown
11. Explosive Energy
12. The Rabbit Hole
13. Shockwave
14. Gomez
Steve “Lips” Kudlow - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Robb “Robbo” Reiner - Drums
Chris Robertson - Bass
Record Label: AFM Records


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