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Anvil - Juggernaut Of Justice Award winner

Juggernaut Of Justice
by Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon at 29 June 2011, 11:37 PM

When the name ANVIL came to my mind, I just couldn't renounce their life story as it was shown in their highly acclaimed film "The Story of Anvil". For me, ANVIL are the best example for a people that weren't going to give up and fought against all odds. These people had the will power when most didn't have. They believed in themselves till the end and after hard work of many years, they came to the notion that it was worth it.

ANVILwere one of the greatest bands in the 80's. Once they shared stages with BON JOVI, OZZY and WHITESNAKE, but somehow due to lack of a good management, connections and luck, they didn't make it back then. Now, after the constant promotion of their last album, "This Is Thirteen", followed by their movie, they have a brand new album "Juggernaut of Justice" under the German giant label, Steamhammer Records.

I can definitely say that Lips is not one of my top ten singers of all time, but on this album, he sounded like a monster while sitting tight on the musical rhythm and clear. "Conspiracy", which is very professional and impressive, would mark my words to the letter.  Furthermore, the guitar solos told added to the interesting stories on each of the songs developed some peak moments and will surely provide you the enthusiasm that might expect from a good Metal album.

On more than enough occasions, Robb Reiner pounded the drums as if those drums of war and amazed with his playing style. It is no wonder why he was an inspiration for METALLICA's Lars Ulrich and many other drummers around the world. He took the songs another level, especially as it was displayed on the second track "When All Hell Breaks Loose". In overall, the songs has a nice flowing pattern along with many influences like MOTORHEAD, as it was exampled on "Not Afraid" and "Fukeneh", which is also a mix with Doom kind of riffs al'a BLACK SABBATH. Moreover, each song has that high potential on being catchy and melodic as it was on "Turn it up". "Running" is one of the best songs that represent all of what Heavy Metal is about – tight fast riffs with a little bit of NWOBHM, bombing guitar solos and a tough vocals line. "Swing Thing" is an instrumental song that gave Robb Reiner to have his way and show off his high reputation and how he claimed it.

I can honestly conclude that ANVIL sounds incredible, there wasn't even a single weak song throughout the release From top to bottom this album should be played without any stops on the way. I've been waiting long time for a true Heavy Metal album that will bang my head once again and with this one I got it. Just listen to their opening track "Juggernaut of Justice" and all hell will break loose.

4 Star Rating

  1. Juggernaut Of Justice
  2. When All Hells Breaks Loose
  3. New Orleans Voo Doo
  4. On Fire
  5. Fukeneh
  6. Turn It Up
  7. The Ride
  8. Not Afraid
  9. Concpiracy
  10. Running
  11. Paranormal
  12. Swing Thing
Steve "Lips" Kudlow– Vocals
Robb Reiner– Drums
Glen Five– Bass
Record Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records


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