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Anyone's Daughter - Wrong (CD)

Anyone's Daughter
by Michael Dalakos at 05 June 2005, 4:24 AM

I see old people. The dudes in Anyone's Daughter look like my father (fifteen years ago). Still they manage to Rock quite hard, considering their age. But before I start this review… have you noticed the front cover? Does any of you have the impression that the band's name is Wrong and the album title Anyone's Daughter? Oh my head hurts…
Anyone's Daughter has existed since the late 70's (I told you they were old lads) and back then (according to their bio) they where quite successful in Germany. After a very (!) long break the band reemerged three years ago with a brand new lineup and a new album entitled Danger World. I haven't heard it so I can't make any comparisons.
Wrong is one of those albums you just can't say no to it. No mater if you listen to Helloween or Belphegor, you'll probably get the same vibes from this one. It's a pleasant album of melodic Rock, often stretched to prog Rock. It is warm, makes you crack a smile on your face. All compositions seem well taken care of; no fillers in here. The vocals might bring in mind the songs I used to listen to while watching Baywatch (hell yeah!), Andre Carswell after all is as U.S. citizen (living in Germany). Uwe Karpa does a great job on the guitars. I know that many of you have related prog Rock with lengthy compositions but Anyone's Daughter are more FM friendly. Their music can be considered prog mostly 'cause of the diversity of the material (there's a lot of experimentation going on in here).
From the first listening I stuck with Miscellaneous and Out Of This World. I'm pretty sure most of the Rock fans will find this one interesting enough. Oh, and next time please put your band's name with bigger letters on the front cover, ok?

3 Star Rating

The Wrong
Happy Go Lucky
Far Away
Fade Out
Your Time
Out Of This World
Without You (The Way It Was)
Helios Reloaded
Out Of This World (Radio Edit)
Andre Carswell - Lead Vocals
Uwe Karpa - Guitars
Peter Kumpf - Drums
Matthias Ulmer - Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Raoul Walton - Bass
Record Label: Inside Out


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