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AOV – Vivid Nightmares

Vivid Nightmares
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 03 September 2015, 3:00 AM

AOV is a Groove/Thrash Metal band based out of Helsinki, Finland. This is their debut EP and contains six tracks.

The first listen of “Gallon of Blood” draws comparisons to heavy, dark Thrash with a splash of Death, mostly with the vocal style, which is very guttural even in the higher ranges. It’s a mid tempo song that centers around the drop tuned low E string for the most part. “Lost Found Dead & Gone” is a bit swifter in pace, with a running guitar riff. The darkness and heaviness is still omnipresent, and the lead guitar passage are right on point. “Feed you Stones” builds a bit before the main riff rolls in like thunder. Some of the drumming parts are super-fast double bass and blast beats at times. The sound in this track comes at you relentlessly. By contrast, “Devin in my Veins” is a slower, more methodical sound. Brutal power is the name of the game here, like the rhythmic sound of Thor’s hammer smashing over and over. “Intruder” hears a bass riff open the song. It’s tentative but also promises something furious to come. When the main riff rolls in it is swift in pace and takes no prisoners. Closing the album is the title track, “Vivid Nightmare.” Blast beat drumming and fast picked guitar riffs dominate the verses, but there is some variation with the use of a second riff. As an entire piece this might be the best representative of their sound on the EP. A maniacal guitar solo with whammy bar dives also captures some of the madness.

Overall, and for the genre, it’s a fairly promising first EP. The musicianship is strong and there is some diversity presented within a style that has been done over and over. My curiosity would be peaked to hear later efforts.

(Editor's Note: At the time of publishing this review, the cover art for the EP has not yet been released.)

3 Star Rating

1. Gallons of Blood
2. Lost Found Dead & Gone
3. Feed You Stones
4. Devil in my Veins
5. Intruder
6. Vivid Nightmare
Jesse Lehto – Vocals
Valo Lehto – Guitar
Roni Sjoblom – Guitar
Mikko Jarvi – Bass
Henry Hiakonen – Drums
Record Label: Inverse Records


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