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Apallic – Of Fate and Sanity Award winner

Of Fate and Sanity
by Jose MaCall at 25 September 2017, 1:41 PM

Put down that machete, it’s time for a music review! Also why are you covered in blood? Never mind, what’s important here is that we discuss the titanic release “Of Fate And Sanity” by APALLIC. When you first glance at the album cover you may be thinking, much like I did, “Jumpin’ Jupiter, what in tarnation is going down in this funky town?” It’s some kind of cave with light peeking through and ruins barely visible. A cryptic image, not quite as ominous as the dismal ruined wastelands we’re used to seeing but still suggestive to an interesting setting.

APALLIC play Death Metal with all the fixings. Songs are complex and varied and the songwriting is stellar, there are lots of things to like here. The guitar work is fantastic, you’re treated to everything from somber acoustics to near-GORGUTS like dissonant-y riffs, chugs, the odd solo (there could always be more solos as far as I’m concerned), and everything in between. The bass is somewhat hard to pick out individually probably due to the fact that the entire band’s sound is fairly dense, but the rumble is felt throughout. The drumming is fast, technically impressive, and mixed in well. The vocals are straight monstrous demon growls, a fewer higher sounding throat howls, and the occasional spoken word insight into the story.

Each track is part of a journey that musically mutates as you listen. Riffs and tempos are constantly changing to create the perfect delivery system for what is an interesting concept album. I’m a fan of the concept album. A cohesive story that’s engaging can add another layer to what is already an awesome experience. It even makes stuff like ICED EARTH and BAL-SAGOTH listenable. APALLIC tell the story of a guy who finds out he is trapped inside his mind because of his vegetative state and then some other stuff happens. The only definition for the word APALLIC I could find was a medical term pertaining to being in a coma. It all ties together!

The standout track on this one is the finale, a 13 minute long Death Metal epic called “A Taste Of Lethe”. It’s a great song mixing melodic playstyle with progressive composition and technical prowess. A song I bet would be impressive to watch live. Most of the songs on the album are around four to six minutes long, though it feels longer and not in bad way. In just under an hour, you’re treated to a plethora of incredibly well put together songs that are thoughtfully crafted. Brutal riffs give way to interludes that then gain steam and burst through the melancholic moments into screaming chaotic sections of head-banging savagery. I thoroughly enjoyed this album and think that it deserves some shelf space both for fans of more traditional Death Metal as well as those who dig more complex and interesting sounds.


Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Iter Initium
2. The Awakening
3. Mental Prison
4. Masked Insanity
5. Days Before the Black
6. Deranged
7. Iter Ex Umbra
8. The Watchmaker
9. Leaking Hourglass
10. A Taste of Lethe
Kristian Bloem - Bass, Vocals
Dennis Harms - Drums
Klaas Olthoff - Guitars
Frank Schöne - Guitars, Vocals
Eike Scheubach - Vocals
Record Label: Boersma Records


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