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Apathy Noir - At The Edge Of The World

Apathy Noir
At The Edge Of The World
by Craig Rider at 04 October 2021, 6:34 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: APATHY NOIR; independently unsigned, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Death/Progressive/Doom Metal, on their 5th album entitled: "At The Edge Of The World" (released August 5th, 2021). Since formation in 2003 (as APATHY until 2016); the duo in question have 2 Demos, 1 EP, 1 Compilation, 1 Single & 5 Full-length albums in their discography so far. I am introduced to APATHY NOIR's 5th record entitled: "At The Edge Of The World". 7 tracks ranging at around 46:01; APATHY NOIR arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Death/Progressive/Doom Metal amalgamations.

Opening up with this rampantly rompy manifestation in an alarming; gravitational hymn, guitars & keyboard harmonies within "Terra Infirma" merge with meticulous profanity. The deadly barrage in amplified adrenaline crafts this unique surround of impending doom; melancholy, progressive trepidation & sinister but gnarly instrumentation through some snaring vocals that all converge with this conceptual envision in sorrowful solitude. The theme oscillates throughout the mystery of the sea; elementing desolate landscapes, adding hefty layers in a bleak soundscape of misery but crushing momentum on primitively raw songwriting & solid musicianship - where quintessential virtuosity showcases vehemently ruthless snares of scouring melody which spellbinds you with marvellous transition.

Consisting of Viktor Jones; the monotonous soloist resoundingly performs on all instruments, fabricating a fluid guitar pattern that strike with sulfurous pursuit, while slamming drums hammer with rambunctious yet piledriving stability amongst a choppy foundation on punchy drum cymbal taps that supply with sturdy thuds stridently. "The Shipbreaker's Song" articulates with shadowy forge in foggy; blackened death doom as does the record in general, while the volatile savagery soars with solid tonality while wandering with razor-sharp rifts that swerve with an interesting dynamic in dexterously distinguished substance & organic yet rapidly swift nimbleness on killer laceration amongst a hypnotising symbiosis of sublime deathliness.

Andrew Walmsley on vocals has a profuse variety with clean cords, culminated with raspy tightness & shouty pipes that gutturally grovel with robust synergy - while the hybrid experimentation grinds with slaying stompiness, venomously injecting infectious bass audibility on trailblazing thumpiness to boot. "Cold Harbour" attributes to a concretely gritty maelstrom on vibrantly potent yet jarringly ominous waves that makes me see one being at the sea's edge, investigating its very presence with intrigue and haze - fusing entrancing tension & peril while moody broodiness, fretting exile along with symbolic menace overarched with mythical strife to boot.

"Wanderers" is a doomy distilment in despair, gloomy dismal & suicidal misery. Unearthing this cold immensity in dread that forebodes with this unrelenting holocaust in destructive dismay, materialising this pent up revocation on piercing mellow & brutal blithe of the carefree conundrum that makes one feel interupted of the mind's rapture precipitously. "Black Seas Of Infinity" captures this motive of enthrallment in cavernous empowerment enticely, embodying flamboyant haste and heft with strong thrills with maleficent bitterness. As feverish emancipation calls for you to empty corrupt lifestyles and accept the wandering presence of Earth's hemisphere, as you transpire through the everlasting headiness amongst the quantum wrath of the oppressive mind from humankind itself.

The penultimate belter "Widow's Walk" provides more rigorous clobberings in gripping hooks of crunchy chops, chiselling emptiness & this sense of unbound forlorn in which wraiths with prodigiously prestigious respite for eardrums to spellbind their souls to. Overall concluding "At The Edge Of The World" with the titular track itself "The Light At The Edge Of The World" which adds a little more speed thrash haste; clamouring a little more rebellious heat into the mixture, APATHY NOIR varies with meticulous mourn and abominable tempos that make this release worthy of spinning & replaying a good few times. An interesting discovery full of unique versatilities on enjoyable impact, devastating sorrow & resonant limbo for good clarity, do check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Terra Infirma
2. The Shipbreaker’s Song
3. Cold Harbour
4. Wanderers
5. Black Seas of Infinity
6. Widow’s Walk
7. The Light at the Edge of the World
Viktor Jonas - Guitars/Drum Programming/Keyboards/Bass
Andrew Walmsley - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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