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Ape Machine - Coalition of The Unwilling

Ape Machine
Coalition of The Unwilling
by Laura Cosheril at 06 January 2016, 8:02 PM

Retro-Rock seems to be one of those genres that constantly surprise you. Take this 6-track EP from APE MACHINE, for example. Here we have a groovy 70s guitar tone, mixed with some Mainstream Rock style vocals, which constantly change with each passing song. “Coalition Of The Unwilling” is like an aural journey back in time.

This album is a great tribute to the 70s and possibly even LED ZEPPELIN. But alas, that is all I see in this album. “Coalition Of The Unwilling” could easily pass for being written in the 70s and I can envision Jimmy Page giving this a listen and trying to figure out when exactly it was that he wrote it. Now you may be wondering why it is that this album just doesn’t click with me; I’m asking myself that same question. APE MACHINE are the embodiment of Rock n Roll, in the sense that they do not restrict themselves musically, and wrote whatever the hell they wanted; unfortunately, whatever the hell they wanted was a 70s tribute compilation.

I really tried to like this album, but I just couldn’t. I tried so hard that I listened to the album three or four times before giving up. “Coalition Of The Unwilling” is an acquired taste that not everyone seems to have; especially me. I can’t get past the fact the entire album is like a journey through the 70s. I can, however, extremely appreciate the work Ian Watts does on the six string. Many people (including myself) have played for over a decade and still cannot master some of the moves he pulls with the instrument; I am green with envy and glowing with awe!

I would recommend picking up this album if you’re a fan of LED ZEPPELIN and the likes, this will be sure to tickle your fancy. With spine tingling licks, groovy drum beats, swanky bass and enjoyable vocals this is definitely a record made for all of the Old School Rockers out there.

2 Star Rating

1. Crushed From Within
2. Disband
3. Give What You Get
4. Under This Face
5. Ape'n'Stein
6. Never My Way
Caleb Heinze - Vocals
Ian Watts - Guitar
Brian True - Bass
Damon De La Paz - Drums
Record Label: Ripple Music


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