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Aphyxion - Earth Entangled

Earth Entangled
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 13 August 2014, 11:14 AM

Welcome to a different kind of Death Metal, I’ll admit at the time with so much Black Metal around me it was nice to listen to some killer Death Metal and on top of that the vocals are not traditional Death Metal they have an odd Metalcore feel to them sort of along the lines of the way LAMB OF GOD vocalist Randy Blythe does. Anyways, APHYXION todays subject of interest. Straight up LAMB OF GOD style with more of a Death Metal feel to it, killer riffs even more deadly solos and crushing bass and drums, this is where you come for this kind of stuff.

Right out of the gate you can hear it, man this is Death Metal and its nice! Everyone wants to know though, do they blow their load way to early? Will there be much else after this first song, or is this the best they've got? Well im here to tell you there is more, for instance the song that pulled me and kept me coming back is "The Deterioration" this song is brutal, the vocals flow perfectly with the style of the instrumentals nothing overpowers anything else and everything seems like fair game with this devastating song. Once again is that it, is the album at a high point when we are only three songs in? Not quite, the album plateaus here. Every song after "The Deterioration" is just as killer in its own right, in its own style so it depends on the style you enjoy most to decide where the album climaxes. The album continues to plateau and be killer until "The New Breed" and I know, I know, "but Aaron, there's one more song after this does that mean it's not a good song?" No, not in any sense. The weakest thing an album can do is end off on a high note, it makes the album seem incomplete and is really unsatisfying. The final song on the album is like the morning after a good night of sex, you're sore, things hurt (in this case its your neck unless you're fucking to this album), and you don't regret a moment of it, that's what this is. The morning after good sex, and the panic that the fact the album is now over? That was you realizing you didn't use a condom, now there's a Death Metal baby on the way.

APHYXION brought Death Metal for peoples ears, and peoples ears need to hear it so people look this stuff up its some crazy Death Metal that has its own style compared to most the generic Death Metal out there now, enjoy it.

4 Star Rating

1. Transgress
2. In Decline
3. The Deterioration
4. No More Days of Prime
5. Despicable
6. Born Abomination
7. Awoken
8. Blind Belief
9. The New Breed
10. Pointless Purposes
Michael Vahl - Vocals
Bertil Rytter - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jonas Haagensen - Guitars
Jais Jessen - Bass
Jakob Jensen - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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