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Apocalypse Warhead - Open The Silos

Apocalypse Warhead
Open The Silos
by Cameron Ervin at 07 February 2013, 10:51 AM

Ever hear a band (or one man band) and ask yourself, “How is this band not signed to a label?” It’s a shame APOCALYPSE WARHEAD is not on a record label and you’d think with as many labels that are out there this very talented man would be able to find a label for his band.  When I say “man” I in fact mean one single man created this album. The only instrument Tuukka Laitinen did not perform was the drum set, he used a drumming program which is just about the only gripe I have about this album. You can’t tell the drums are programed but I’m the kind of person that prefers a human being turning out the innumerable blast beats that over flow on “Opening The Silos”.

Since a drum machine is used there is no excuse for a weak percussion section and the percussion on this record holds a very satisfyingly full presence. The bass line is actually audible and that surprised me for a Death Metal release. The guitar riffs are blazing fast and impressive but if you are looking for flashy technical solos you won’t find many here at all. I think the only solo on this record is towards the back on the track called “A.R.J.E (Res Oritur!)”. In the metal scene today it seems like Death Metal albums are a dime a dozen but “Opening The Silos” seems to bring a little bit more variety to the table. Yes, all the death metal elements are there like the blast beats I mentioned, deep harsh indecipherable vocals, and maddening fast guitar riffs. What APOCALYPSE WARHEAD adds to this formula is variety, making each song sound different with a unique riff and rhythm section. Laitinen even added an entirely instrumental song, “RK 62”, which was in my opinion one of the strongest tracks off the album besides the opener and “Experimental Warfare”. Because of this variety “Opening The Silos” is a more entertaining death metal album and a record I can come back to over the course of time.

If you’re a fan of bands like NILE, IMMOLATION, and CEREBRAL BORE I think you’ll enjoy APOCALYPSE WARHEAD. Go listen to “Opening The Silos”, a decent death metal release from a one man band.

4 Star Rating

1. Opening the Silos
2. Extermination of Human Life
3. Hostile Technological Singularities
4. White Death
5. Experimental Warfare
6. From Hell
7. Rk 62
8. A.R.J.E. (Res Oritur!)
9. Warhead Apocalypse
Tuukka Laitinen - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum programming
Record Label: Inverse Records


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