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Apochryphal Revelation – Primeval Devilish Wisdom

Apochryphal Revelation
Primeval Devilish Wisdom
by Matt Bozenda at 24 November 2020, 10:57 PM

When it comes to Metal and Hard Rock, the Bluegrass State doesn’t have many entries; underground scenes aside, it mainly boils down to the likes of BLACK STONE CHERRY and maybe RODAN. To say Kentucky is built on its reputation for Country music would put it lightly; that list of artists/bands is as long as both arms. So, without much regional precedent and sparse contact with major tours, metalhead Kentuckians are largely left to their own devices, figuring it out on their own.

Thus we find Lexington’s own APOCHRYPHAL REVELATION with their second full-length release, "Primeval Devilish Wisdom". Firmly in the Occult Black/Death vein of things, this album is one part each of classically influenced metal, instrumental diatribes, and spooky-sound interludes. In fact, of the fifteen tracks listed, five are under two minutes, while four other tracks are longer than five minutes.

The opening track is eponymously titled, and is a simple organ playing a simple tune. The Metal picks up on track two, "Wickedness", an instrumental that somewhat recalls the desert theme of SLAYER’s "Season In The Abyss". The vocals finally come into play for track three, "Profane", employing clear reverb on a voice as growly as one expects from the genre.

That’s the basic motif going forward: those three parts mentioned earlier, in disjointed sequence, right to the end. "Constantine" blares on after a pair of idyll tracks, much heavier on the synth than before. Coming a track later, "Obscure" is another of the songs given a more orthodox approach, an honest Black Metal track. "Burning" follows another interlude and has a certain Punky panache to it, akin somewhat to the old sounds of MAYHEM.

After that, the album’s final four tracks, which take over a third of the total run time, are a chore to finish. "Blasphemous" feels two minutes too long. "Invocation" is almost an experimental track in comparison to the rest. "Graveyard", the album’s longest track at nine seconds short of seven minutes, manages to partially redeem the proceedings, but it too feels like it could have been trimmed at least a little. "Dreams Of Beyond" is a piano solo outro that would seem more at home as the intro.

There’s something to be said for the enthusiasm of metal musicians. This band is trying, and may the metal gods bless ‘em for it. There’s just something not quite complete about APOCHRYPHAL REVELATION. They have a stripped down sound that dabbles in synthesizers and an occasional extra guitar, but it just falls average. The production values are also hit-and-miss, where some tracks came out just fine, the drumming on the early songs seems to misfire once in a while. The interludes are also far too numerous, and some, like "Death Of The Savior", should intro their own tunes.

So, while not for a lack of an attempt, "Primeval Devilish Wisdom" misses the bull’s eye. "Obscure" and "Burning" ought to be the album’s focal points, gaining a nod for the all-2020 playlist, and "Graveyard" isn’t far behind them, but three out of fifteen is not a great mark. They should not give up, they should definitely soldier on and try again, but this album is not destined to be considered the finest work of APOCHRYPHAL REVELATION.

Musicianship: 7
Songwriting: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Primeval Devilish Wisdom
2. Wickedness
3. Profane
4. Death Of The Saviour
5. Poisoned Blood Of The Redeemer
6. Constantine
7. Entering The Realm
8. Obscure
9. Mother Hecate
10. Burning
11. Dismal Depths
12. Blasphemous
13. Invocation
14. Graveyard
15. Dreams Of Beyond
Master Of Graveyard Torment – Drums, Vocals
Tormentor Of The Dark – Guitar, Synth
Czernobog – Bass
Hel – Synth
Infernal – Guitar
Record Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions


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