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Apocrophex - Suspended From The Cosmic Altaar

Suspended From The Cosmic Altaar
by Branislav Stanojevic at 21 February 2015, 12:14 AM

APOCROPHEX is Technical Death Metal duo who greet you from the United States of America. Their everlasting will and love towards Death Metal was crowned back in early 2013 when multitalented instrumentalist Justin and vocalist\\lyricist Pete founded the band. Both of them took their first steps in other bands and shaped themselves into the most brutal form, a.k.a.  APOCROPHEX. As they like to say "Both members have put in time with various bands and projects throughout the past 10+ years and immediately realized that their strengths complimented each other’s brilliantly ". So far they have labeled two releases, an EP from 2014 tagged - "Wheels Withing Wheels”, and this year's full-length - "Suspended From The Cosmic Altaar".

Firstly, I would like to say this is the freaking deal, this is what every Death-metaller, Technical Death-heads want to listen to, damn damn damn.

The passion, the energy, the brutality, sharpness and sickness will rock your world, knock you down the floor and you will most positively enjoy this eargasmic rape and torment along your first listening to this Death Metal deed. In the very first second of the first song you get the urge to jump of your chair beat the hell outta everything that comes in front of your pursuit to head banging pit. The beginning of this thing is wild, bestial and inhuman and mark my words: "Brace your necks”!!  By the second song, "Evidence of a Desolate Planet” , you are already fully committed to make some shits in your dorm, mosh-pit against the wall while smashing down yourself, but please be safe, we all love to go all wild and hyper but we'll need bones for the rest of the  album. During "Suspended From The Cosmic Altaar" I got the urge for one last wall of death, yep, wall of fucking death and screw it all, I'm satisfied.

Heading forward, after fifth song you already start to feel a bit confused and monotonic, most likely becuse you'll start to hear similar riffs and tempo like the ones you heard when you almost dislocated your should and\\or almost broke your arm. This thing happens, lots of bands I listened to so far had the same issue, who knows maybe they all want to make a story,  tend to deliver a synonymic message they've imagined the whole album in, cannot tell, but I know some people who would mind hearing that. ''The Nine Patterns of Anuu" was an emotion trigger for me, the variation of deep and now and then depressive vocals combined with greatly served blast-beats and low-tuned guitar has made me to recall of some bads and the all the evil things I'd like to revenge on her (I am sorry for being too personal and I admit that's not professional by myself), only reason I am suggesting this is because that could happen to you too.

If you're that wild and feral being whom lurks inside the circle of death while distortions and blast-beats are cruelly echoing the place, while blood and sweat are on to your face, you will love this manifest. Yet most of the folk I know ain't that kind of metaller, but we all are unique units and we ain't here to be loved by every-single one, so guys, keep on with good work, you'll find your lucky star.


4 Star Rating

1. The Grey
2. Evidence of a Desolate Planet
3. A Sanguine Moon
4. Suspended from the Cosmic Altaar
5. Designs Not Derived from Man
6. The Nine Patterns of Anuu
7. Cycle of Kings
8. Being Dissolved
9. Exposed Organics

Justin – All Instruments, Mixing
Pete – All Vocals, Lyrics
Record Label: Manicidic Records


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