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Apocryphus – Eternal Suffering

Eternal Suffering
by James Brizuela at 02 April 2020, 4:27 AM

APOCRYPHUS is a death metal band from Peru. Having originally formed in 2014 under the moniker, SCREAMING FETUS, the band reactivated as APOCRYPHUS in 2016. They have now released their first full-length album, “Eternal Suffering”.

Eternal Suffering” has a lot of roots in old school death metal, but with some twists to it. Think of listening to MORBID ANGEL and DEATH. APOCRYPHUS are not afraid to throw in their own melodic spin to that old school death metal style. There is a lot of wailing guitar solos to go around. “Howling with the wolves” comes in swinging with a vicious death metal attack, with its deeply seeded roots in that old school sound. The guitar work is impressive in this track. It couples well with the brutality of the song.

Lictor” follows suit with a purely death metal attack, but there is a good tempo change that showcases some of the musical talent of APOCRYPHUS, also complete with some more impressive wailing guitar soloing. The title track of the album, “Eternal Suffering”, has a more melodic tempo to the track. I am loving how APOCRYHPUS is throwing curve balls in their sound, and not sounding like a “one trick pony” type of death metal band. There is even a progressive metal guitar melody interlude within the track that was not expected. The production value on the album is impressive, considering it is the bands first full-length album. “Sacred Tomb” brings in that thrash metal cadence to elevate the sound even further while returning to another proggy sounding guitar melody. Impressive musical elements exist in the undertones of “Eternal Suffering”. Something I was not expecting to hear in this brutal of a death metal album,

Apocryphal Roads”, completely stuns with a beautiful acoustic guitar melody. It comes out of nowhere but is beautiful. It changed the landscape of the album for a moment, but in a very masterful way. “Battlefield” ends the latter half of the album in spectacular fashion. Showcasing some more of the fantastic guitar soloing. There is a raunchier bass line that is heard in this track that brings with it some more of that progressive sound. “Eternal Suffering” is well done sonically.

APOCRYPHUS has really shined in this debut album. “Eternal Suffering” has the makings of a great melodic death metal sound that could develop going forward. This album is pure brutality but brings with it some amazing surprises. Experimentation in brutal death metal goes a long way, as it makes the listen very entertaining. I recommend it to all those who enjoy death metal, just get ready for some very welcomed surprise turns.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Truth
2. Howling with the wolves
3. Lictor
4. Eternal Suffering
5. Sacred Tomb
6. Apocryphal Roads
7. Apocryphus
8. Battlefield
9. State of Depression
Martin Revoredo – Guitars
Teo Suchero – Drums
Carlos Tabarez – Guitars
Javier Gamarra – Bass
Miguelust – Vocals
Record Label: PRC Music


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