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Apollo - Waterdevils Award winner

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 18 March 2017, 10:36 AM

All of us have times when we must part ways with our common daily lives to try something different. It’s a feature of our constant hunger for new sensations and trials. You, me, my editor in chief, and everyone has this same longing. In the musical world, it’s the same: a musician needs to express himself (or herself) in a different way from his peers. Apollo Papathanasio, former vocalist from FIREWIND, actually singing with SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, made his own efforts and tried something different on “Waterdevils”, his first solo album.

To be honest, on this album, you’ll find no new form of music. The songs here are in a classic Hard Rock format, with all classic elements and weight that is needed, along with a great quantity of musical accessibility. What makes “Waterdevils” a very good album is the honest feeling that permeates all the songs. They really were created with care and in a spontaneous way. Be prepared for it, because the album can hypnotize you.

Recorded and mixed at Global Musix Studio, in Gothenburg (Sweden), being produced by Jalle Westergen and Apollo himself, with Janne doing the mixing as well, and the mastering was done by the hands of Staffan Karlsson. The result is a clear and loud sound quality, with a modern insight, but respecting the elements from the past that are in the songs. They hit the bull’s eye, because it fits in a very good form for what the album needs. The cover is really excellent as well.

The 12 songs are all good, and the fans from Apollo will love them. But I strongly recommend you to focus your efforts on the nasty and melodic feeling of “Revolution for the Brave” (that shows a very good work from bass guitar and drums, presenting a heavy rhythmic session), the raw energy rush that comes from the excellent “Liberate Yourself” (excellent guitars and fine interventions from old and good Hammond organ), the heavy and with very good tempos “Buried in a Flame” (lovely melodies and great weight from the rhythmic session), the heavy grasp from guitar riffs and melodic lines from “Crossing the Lines” (a hooking song, indeed), the psychedelic heavy appeal on “Power” (fine backing vocals), the hymn called “I Need Rock ‘N’ Roll”, where there are excellent chorus, great choirs and fine work from guitars, the seductive harmonies, and these elements are mixed with a hypnotic energy on “Chasing Shadows”, and the tender and lovely accessible melodies of “Through the Fire”. Oh, by the way, I didn’t speak about Appolo’s voice because it’s not necessary: he is an excellent singer, maybe one of the best voices that arose in the last ten years.

This is an amazing album to listen to, and to just enjoy for a good time.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Revolution for the Brave
2. Liberate Yourself
3. Buried in a Flame
4. Safe and Sound
5. Fallen Endlessly
6. Crossing the Lines
7. Power
8. Rise Up
9. I Need Rock ‘N’ Roll
10. Chasing Shadows
11. Through the Fire
12. Stop
Apollo Papathanasio – Vocals
Record Label: Escape Music


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