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Apolokia - Kathaarian Vortex

Kathaarian Vortex
by Manel Lilioth at 09 May 2013, 11:13 AM

In the last two decades, it has been quite regular to listen to Power or Gothic Metal out of from Italy, as in every country there is always a darkened Metal rising, but also the likes of a nihilistic, elitist one like APOLOKIA. "Kathaarian Vortex" is their long awaited debut release by My Kingdom Music, which is defined as a raw return of the worst Black Metal horde ever been forged in Italy so far.

The album may take you to a journey into the Kathaarian void of mystic darkness and evil devoted to Satan and chaos, but unfortunately it turned out to be a poor experience, a compendium mix of early first wave, second wave of Black Metal with razor sharp guitar sound and awful inhuman vocal alongside with ultrafast drums. Everything starts with a fairly well track to stench the mystery; inappropriately this beautiful promise flies fairly quickly in a cloud of ash and evil roar. Following this one, all our musical hopes faded away with noise, lots of noise, nothing seems to change into something different, making it impossible for the listener to finish a straight listening session at one take. There are moments where the shrieking is so loud that deconstruct the waterfall, broken structures and exploded patterns.

To our great misfortune, mixing a drafted sound, a series of similar tracks (only white transitions help to distinguish), and an infamous boiled texture and without any variation unfortunate that with no familiar melody or structure emerges from the magma. Voila! That’s a mud, molasses, unmentionable musical soup where the nightmare plays the music. APOLOKIA have to step out from that primitive exhale sound; they have to go out from this world and start to take a Black Metal as serious matter.

1 Star Rating

1. Consolamentum
2. Post Kristus Daemonolatry
3. In Firguram baphometis
4. Order of the nine
5. Malignant Asphyxiation
6. Kathaarian Vortex
7. Signum Satani
8. Call of nihilism
9. Pure Imperial Darkness MMXII
Blackfrost – Programming / Synths
Verminaad – Vocals / Guitars
Record Label: My Kingdom Music


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