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Aposento - Bleed To Death

Bleed To Death
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 05 August 2017, 10:19 PM

Again I found myself wandering through a Brutal Death Metal release, which in comparison to some of the meaty stuff coming in from the US, it might be considered that brutal, but at least it is in a kind of quality that would make me return to it and others of its type. The Spanish Death Metal band APOSENTO, which I can recognize as veterans, have been around in the 90s, faded away and came back to life several years ago. Over the years they became quite a beast, and it is evident through their sophomore album “Bleed To Death”, via their new local label Xtreem Music. I guess someone did the right thing on sharpening the knives and axes for a swift gutting, which means, evolving to grow into a much fiercer predator.

Taking notes from extreme idols as CANNIBAL CORPSE / SINISTER (of the first 3 albums) / DEICIDE / early DEATH / early BOLT THROWER and the only single Thrash Metal resident dwelling in the heart of the music, SLAYER, “Bleed To Death” explores brutality in a manner of bringing together old school Death and Thrash Metal, more of the former, into a bloody feast. Such a grinding festivity is illustrated by immense rhythm guitar work, delivering the band’s evolution of their technical merits by the side of favorite simplified weighty riffs that are common to the genre and a few lead guitar solos to add just enough to hope that there will be more somewhere. Furthermore, and possibly due to the newly recruited drummer, the rhythm section got intensified, highly energetic and diverse, absorbing the old school qualities while coming up with a destructive force behind the skins that might have several elements in common with a few modern examples.

Despite the fact that the Spanish horde hasn’t been really renewing, “Bleed To Death” turned out to be a fist deep in the face, sharing several ripping numbers that should be taken into account. “Wishing Well”, my loyal number one, obliterated with captivating old school riffs, strong SLAYERish attitude enslaved by gruesome vocals. If there was a proper mix, it would have been possible to listen to the soloing. “Portrait Of A Killer” is one of the proofs regarding the band’s new approach that led them into technical Death Metal. The change made the song to be comprised of various tempo changes, assorted riffery and in overall the wrath of true mayhem. “Abandon All Hope” is an unstoppable attack, always keeps on pushing forward, strong riffs and an aggressive rhythm section that puts this number with some of the brutal old school classics. Lastly there is “The Divine Art of Torture”, continuing the aggression of the previous song, a true Death Metal version of a SLAYERish kind of track. The intensity of the riffs and ever changing tempo and beats are simply miraculous.

Though the rating isn’t perfect, I am glad that I stumbled upon this album. It has its highs and lows, yet eventually triumphs as a respected release among the better end of the genre.

Purchase Link: Xtreem Music 

3 Star Rating

1. Bleeding Flesh
2. Wishing Hell
3. Partially Deceased Syndrome
4. Portrait of a Killer
5. Maleficarvm*
6. Slaughtered
7. Abandon All Hope
8. The Divine Art of Torture
9. Revenge Against God
10. Cannibalistic Communion
Mark Berserk - Vocals
Manolo Sáez - Guitars
Manu Reyes - Bass
Gabriel Valcázar - Drums
Dave Rotten - Vocals*
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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