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Aposento - Conjuring The New Apocalypse

Conjuring The New Apocalypse
by Quinten Serna at 16 May 2020, 3:50 PM

Where falls the hubris of the soul, the benevolent utterances of pith and pain enter to fill in the niches left within the voided oblivion where hope, faith, and resolve have all but left; it is here, within these halls of fractured identity and care, that we find a calling of something magnificent, marvelous, and malign a subtle gesture to something insidious and intrinsic, the pulse raising, ear splitting, headbanging call to arms that is Death Metal. APOSENTO - now in their 30th year - continues the tradition of soul crushing music with their latest full length release, “Conjuring The New Apocalypse,” a sacrosanct blasphemous collection of archaic holy laws, holidays, and events delivered through the bitter and raw intensity of the band’s music.

Liber AL Vel Legis” refers to the book of the same name written by/or in reference to its origin dictated to - Aleister Crowley which revolves around his philosophy of Thelema; the song holds a certain air to it, a feeling or sensation of the unknown, which adds emphasis to its theme of mysticism. “Samhain – The Night Of Ignis Fatuus” refers to the Irish holiday whereupon the Otherworld and the physical world are closer together allowing the Aos Sí to cross more easily, Ignis Fatui (the plural variant) refers to wisps that mislead travelers in bogs, swamps, and wooded areas.  Apart from the multicultural influences on the lyrical constructs the songs are in great favor quite distinct from one another, each containing defining elements of compositional prowess to accentuate the clever lyrical themes. The guitars provide a rich sound which does not overstep its role and attempt to draw attention away from the band as a whole; the bass is strong but ill-defined in reference to the soundscape as a whole, feeling more as a low end boost to the strings rather than the foundation of music; the drums are well mixed and even better performed as they switch constantly between abject and direct progressions and grooves without detracting from the band or causing any jarring and noticeable differences; the vocals are well groomed—in due reverence to the genre - and mix well with the instruments as they feel that they rest plainly on top of the sound in full.

The album is written from the perspective of those who are either well traveled or greatly versed in multi-cultural mythology and history whose influences can be found in such tracks as “Kadosh – Spitting On The Trisag,” “Noli Me Tangere,” and “Vamachara – The Left Hand Path.” The music is equal parts menacing and inviting, asking the listener to indulge in caustic pleasantries; APOSENTO does a great job in defining their sound as their intentions.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Liber AL Vel Legis
2. Heretics By The Grace Of God
3. Kadosh – Spitting On The Trisag
4. Samhain – The Night Of Ignis Fatuus
5. Akerbeltz
6. Noli me Tangere
7. Vamachara – The Left Hand Path
8. Revelation777
9. The Dweller On The Threshold
10. Doomsday – The Metanoia Of Redemption Process
Manu Reyes - Bass
Gabriel Valcázar - Drums
Eduardo Martínez - Guitars
Manolo Sáez - Guitars
Mark Berserk - Vocals
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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