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Apostate - Time of Terror

Time of Terror
by Aaron Eerdekens at 29 March 2015, 6:04 AM

After a long time of inactiveness, silence, and line-up changes, the five-piece Ukrainian Doom Death Metal band, APOSTATE, has released a brand new album called “Time of Terror”. And when you listen to it, terror will certainly follow quickly. But it will be in your head. Sure, they display a sound of doom, of death, and kind of a sound of metal as well, but that’s really all the positive there is to say about this album.

I don’t even know if vocalist Bohdan Kozub sings in English, Ukrainian or some other language, because I can’t understand a single word he’s grunting. During the beginning of the third song, “Pain Served Slow”, for a while it even sounds like he’s puking after a rough party where vodka and tequila flowed in Bacchanalian proportions.

That being said, the second half of “Pain Served Slow” will offer you a nice break from the monotone and slow boringness from the first two songs, “Solar Misconception” and “Pale Reflection”. Guitarists Yuriy Savchuk and Vlad Filimon get off their lazy chairs for a while and heighten the tempo. If you really pay attention, you can even hear something that sounds like a mini guitar solo. The problem is, by the time you get there, you’re probably not paying attention anymore, cause after a while, your thoughts might begin to wander, or you might start doing something else, and if you do, it’s very possible the music moves to the background and you forget it’s even on.

The very low point of the album is in the thirteen minute long last song, “World Undying”, which, after a voice-over intro, will be able to literally hurt your ears with a high pitched kind of noise. It could be, I just have sensitive ears, but still. I guess they did that to wake you up for their goodbye chords. That reminds me; you won’t get served a single song with a duration of less than nine minutes. So brace yourselves, it’s going to be a long slow-motioned ride.

2 Star Rating

1. Solar Misconception
2. Pale Reflection
3. Pain Served Slow
4. Memory Eclipse
5. World Undying
Alexander Kostko - Bass
Bohdan Kozub - Vocals
Nikita Holovin - Drums
Yuriy Savchuk - Guitar
Vlad Filimon - Guitar
Record Label: Ferrrum


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