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Apostolum - Winds Of Disillusion

Winds Of Disillusion
by H.P. Buttcraft at 09 April 2014, 5:31 PM

APOSTOLUM, this group of Italian Black Metallers, has been putting out demos ever since 2005. 2014 brings APOSTOLUM’s first full-length ever and “Winds of Disillusion” is the first thing they’ve recorded since 2006. After almost a decade of APOSTOLUM being on hiatus, they are pushing forth this new album that sounds something similar to bands like DRUDKH, ANATHEMA and FEN. There are some oddly memorable tracks on “Winds of Disillusion”. “Unworthiness And Decay” is a very minimalist Black Metal song with some very awkward moments but still manages to keep the entire song intact. It is a bumpy ride but manages to stand on its own despite its eccentric interludes.

One thing that I think drags APOSTOLUM down the most is their lack of tonal quality. As far as songwriting and composition, the band has that on lock down but I felt like something got lost in the songs between the recording sessions. I think the sense of disassociation heard on a lot of these songs is completely intentional but there is still something cold and Metallic about the way this album carries itself, and the mixing of the vocals is sophomoric. The songs don’t get too fast or too heavy but at least everything is in tune and in sync. I have heard enough promos where the artists can’t even get that right.

“Winds Of Disillusion” is nothing all that special but you can tell that APOSTOLUM didn’t just sit on their asses for eight years when it came to completing this album. You can tell that there is some real talent behind this band but there’s something getting in the way of that presence shining its way through on this full length. The 18 minute-long finale of this record is certainly something to admire just by its shear magnitude in songwriting.

3 Star Rating

1. Intro (Light Into the Void)
2. Unworthiness And Decay
3. Higher Planes Of Existence
4. Debris Of Perception
5. Less Than A Step
6. Gleam Of Lucidity
Stone – Guitar, Bass
Meba – Vocals
Record Label: Moribund Cult Records


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