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Apothesary - Accept Loss Forever Award winner

Accept Loss Forever
by Sooraj Ram at 02 October 2017, 2:04 AM

Thrash and Death Metal have always been the Kith and Kin of destruction in Metal. With Thrash Metal dating back to the adrenaline-pumped sound of Daddy Metal bands and Death Metal, these genres have spread their roots like a wildfire and are undoubtedly the most sought-after and heaviest forms of Metal played these days. Blending these two genres together is one amongs the many experimentations that many bands come up with. Quite recently, the self-proclaimed DEF LEPPARD of Death Metal APOTHESARY released their sophomore effort “Accept Loss Forever”, which itself portrays this particular stylistic blend through its 11 tracks and demonstrates the authenticity of this experimentation.

“Sensory Overload” is an appealing and heavy opener. Blending the swiftness of Thrash Metal and Death Metal-esque guitar structures the song is a brutal assault. At one point of this song one might find Deathcore-esque breakdowns that later land on a harmonic solo. With an anti-climatic ending I find this song delicate and multi-dimensional, a song well worthy to be heard multiple times. “Two Minute Hate” is yet another perfect track that in my opinion has one of the best guitar riffs or Instrumentations in general. The third track “1976” is somewhat similar to Melodic Death Metal, with Melody taking the spotlight.

The minute-long  title track “Accept Loss Forever” is probably one of the best tracks on this album; the reason for this being the shorter yet well-arranged song structure and vocals. Vocals are raw and angry and the instrumentation perfectly traces the vocals. The 8th track “Knight” shows that “Apothesary” is capable of nailing a song whether it's one minute or six minutes long. “Woodland Critter Christmas” is another Deathcore-influenced song that is undoubtedly heavy and catchy. The breakdown parts are a must listen and the rest of the song is nothing less than perfect.Closing the record is another stellar track “Emotionless Me”

The album as a whole is pretty solid and might as well be the best and memorable work of their career. With a lot of flair and talent I see these young musicians reaching bigger heights in the near future. I highly recommend this album for all regardless of your musical preferences and meanwhile I will make sure to follow them so as to keep on track with their future proceedings.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Sensory Overload
2. Two-Minute Hate
3. 1976
4. Elizabeth
5. Accept Loss Forever
6. Making Up For Lost Time
7. You've Met With A Terrible Fate, Haven't You?
8. Knight
9. Woodland Critter Christmas
10. Tempest (Even Tide)
11. Expressionless Me
Jared Eandi - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Clayton Cagle - Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Greg O'Neill - Drums/Backing Vocals
Brittany Shankle - Bass
Record Label: M Theory Audio


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