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Apothesary - They All Carry Ghosts

They All Carry Ghosts
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 04 March 2013, 4:13 PM

This could be the march into the gates of oblivion, riding a blind horse into the realms of chaos, preaching of the end of existence, carrying the dead to the ferryman. Don't know why I came up with these sentences but for some reason those burned in my head after listening to this little piece of ferocity. Since their debut album, "A Harsh Reality", it seemed the young hell breathers, APOTHESARY, have become harsher than the old reality they presented earlier on the debut. "They All Carry Ghost" is their newly swift darkened blow on the head, delivered as an independent effort, conspiring the arts of Black / Death Metal, crossing between modern and old school inputs.

Kicking and screaming from the get go, I was heading for a raging storm, sometimes feeling like running away in the woods from an angry, and hungry, pack of wolves. APOTHESARY sounds untamed, dripping with blood and on the attack with full force. However, and that was a turn off, everything felt more than your average whirlwind. I actually felt as if I was right in the middle of a total mess, like someone trashed my place up. The material itself is not in full to blame, I didn't like the sound production provided for this release. The mixing seemed bad, making this release to sound stuffed as the guitars, drums, and somewhere the bass, flanking the front vocals from every corner preventing them to lead the charge.  At least on the first track, "Hamartia", just after its middle, everything suddenly became clear showing off an artistic side that actually surprised me and made me listen even more carefully. Strokes of acoustic guitars, a fine lead tune creating a soothing moment really made the impact on the song. Regretfully, the chaos continued with "They All Carry Ghosts" that brought over only a few decent moments of INCANTATION, bits of IMMORTAL and CANNIBAL CORPSE. There were times where I asked myself where was the Thrash element in all of this? After listening to this EP again, I haven't yet to find it. "Cosmophage" seemed like a slight improvement in the band's works, a bit more flowing, easier to comprehend, in comparison to the former tracks, presenting some find musical skills, but in general, still too grey without a clear path. "Parting At Morning", at least at first, seemed more Heavy Metal oriented, a complete outtake and probably the best of the tracklist. Sounds of CHILDREN OF BODOM and slight METALLICA shifts assembled an interesting tune with quite a potential. Even its title had me mesmerized. As for the AT THE GATES cover, lots of mess, as some of first tracks on the list, also due to the production and plainly leaving me with the thought that this version is quite average.

I believe that if APOTHESARY will cling on to the likes of "Parting At Morning", their next release is going to be way better than this small token of skill. The band has a fine mixture of brutality along with modern day melodic composing. I would also add a bit of Hardcore in the vein of LAMB OF GOD into this crude blending. Furthermore, I would suggest on taking a different producer or engineer that would take care of the mixing and mastering properly. These guys deserve better. Generally, this EP is average for its mess and somewhere lack of direction, a bit of a miss.

2 Star Rating

1. Hamartia
2. They All Carry Ghosts
3. Cosmophage
4. Parting At Morning
5. Blinded By Fear (At The Gates Cover
Jared Eandi - Lead Vocals
Clayton Cagle - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Greg O'neill - Drums
Andrew Freeman - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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