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Ara - The Blessed Sleep

The Blessed Sleep
by Bex Tasker at 15 July 2013, 2:57 PM

This five-track album by the four-piece Progressive / Technical Death Metal band ARA growls pig squeals, double kicks and funky bass solos, inviting the listener into a world of vengeance and slightly disturbed temperaments. The vocals by Adam Bujny, although unintelligible, scream Death Metal in its truest form. This band may not be signed by a label, but they’ve certainly signed themselves up with the Grimm Reaper.

One is indeed shown ascension in the opening track, “Entitled Ascension”. The track begins with a seemingly innocent guitar riff, which before long erupts into an aggressive symphony, complete with vengeful vocals and unforgiving drums. As the listener enters “Demise of Reason”, they are greeted with vocals and instruments which fit together perfectly, despite the Mathcoresque vibe that the song reverberates. The title track, “The Blessed Sleep”, is far from the pleasant state its name describes. Within seconds vicious growls and double kick have made an appearance, and anyone within earshot won’t be having sweet dreams while this terror’s playing. In the track’s third minute, the song begins to quiet down, and the listener is deceived into thinking it’s met its demise. They are soon proven wrong by the funky drums accompanied by even funkier bass, and the song perseveres for a further two minutes. The brutal vocals resonate on until the very end, leaving the listener to wonder if blessed sleep was indeed achieved during the entire ruckus. Despair is indeed personified as we approach track number four. “Despair Personified” is complete with melancholy growls which seem to emanate rage, brutality, and Metal savagery in general, really. The album ends with the listener being banished into an Abyss, through the headbanger “Abyssal Banishment”. With this heart stopper resonating around, one can’t help but feel lost in a gaping chasm, with no hope of escape. The track ends suddenly, as if the band is tired of being brutal and decides to finally get some blessed sleep, or at least take a power nap.

Overall, I’d say it’s a good album, certainly depicting the core elements of Death Metal, with a whole lot of technical and progressive stuff thrown in. The instruments fit together nicely, if you can use such a mellow term to describe such an angry symphony. However, there is something quite generic about the album, so I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece, but it’s certainly a promising creation. It’s hard to know what the band is so angry about, but I’m guessing it stems from lack of sleep. 

3 Star Rating

1. Entitled Ascension
2. Demise of Reason
3. The Blessed Sleep
4. Despair Personified
5. Abyssal Banishment
Adam Bujny – Vocals
Jerry Hauppa - Guitars
James Becker – Bass / Vocals
Erik Stenglein - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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