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Arallu – Death Covenant Award winner

Death Covenant
by Bruno Diniz at 26 October 2022, 5:32 AM

25 years on the underground scene is not for everyone right? But that is not the case of Sraeli from ARALLU, arriving at its seventh full-length-album entitled “Death Covenant” released thru Hammerheart Records. The band had some line-up changes during the Years, but the current formation is the same since 2014, allowing the band to make us feel the great synergy between musicians, playing extreme Black Metal, they will certainly please fan of ABSU, MELECHESH and MOONSPELL, but having their son on personality. "End Ov Wars (Tikva)" is a nice intro with strong presence of middle east music, sounding like a preparation ritual for goat devil itself, making way for "Prophecy of the Dead", which has a lot of aggression and weight, with many changes of time, the influence of local musicality is clear and really stands out just as in the course of every album, this mixture with the direct and cut style that artists produce provide a very pleasurable and interesting experience.

Moving on we have "Ruler of the Seven Worlds" and “Humanity Death Embrace” moves in a fast and more traditional way while "Under Jerusalem's temple Mount" features new elements such as clean vocals, and some riffs more connected to power and epic metal, while passages, especially in the second half of the song reminded me enough of the Italian band DOMINE, the ending takes place in a "Cruelty and The Beast" of    CRADLE OF FILTH style, these constant changes make this another highlight of this amazing work. Desert Shadow will Rise” it shelters interesting elements such as narratives and “Mystical Sultan”, basically an instrumental song that reminded me a lot of my favorite album of 2017 called Orenda of WITH OUR ARMS TO THE SUN, with all the emotion in the vocals in its desert and progressive environment. “Satanic Spirit” and “Skeletons Battlefield” leads us to a deep environment transmitting despair and anguish that can be felt on the bones.

“Empire of Salt" arrives at the climax of Death Covenant, man… This really touched my soul, with a slow and perfect introduction to the music will gain weight and rhythm throughout its duration, leading the listener to complete ecstasy. Although it is noted throughout the album, here, Assaf Kassimov's work on drums and mainly percussion is remarkable, the rattle resonating like treacherous snakes is really a powerful addition here. ARALLU brought an amazing original material on their new release, that I can only congratulate, contemplate and appreciate. By the range of bands and types I mentioned earlier it is possible to perceive all the influence and care that the band in merge then to do an excellent job.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. End Ov Wars (Tikva)
2. Prophecy of the Dead
3. Ruler of the Seven Worlds
4. Under Jerusalem’s temple Mount
5. Satanic Spirit
6. Mystical Sultan
7. Desert Shadow will Rise
8. Humanity Death Embrace
9. Empire of Salt
10. Skeletons Battlefield
Moti "Butchered" Daniel - Lead Vocals, Bass
Gal "Pixel" Cohen - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Omri Yagen - Guitars
Assaf Kassimov - Drums, Percussion
Record Label: Hammerheart Records


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