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Arallu - The War on the Wailing Wall

The War on the Wailing Wall
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 08 October 2020, 2:55 AM

Some time ago, I was introduced to the Israeli with “Six”, because I was chosen to review it, and became really impressed. So when the opportunity came to review “The War on the Wailing Wall”, it was given to me, but I had a surprise: it’s not a new release of the band, but their first album, that is being re-released.

Their musical work on this album is brutal and raw, similar to the model for Death/Black Metal in those days (remembering that “The War on the Wailing Wall” was released originally back on 1999). It’s not as evolved as today, but the same personality is pulsing on the album’s songs, being brutal and aggressive, showing just a little of their Oriental Metal features, but it’s not a bad release. It’s just the primordial form of the band’s musical work, filled with a raw energy, weight, and with a good technical insight.

The album sonority is very crude and abrasive, with that essential crudeness from those days. But it’s not something that can’t be understand by the senses, besides the main focus is to be brutal and nasty as they could. The instrumental tunes could be better, especially from the drums (that were programmed), but it’s not a loss. It’s good, but nothing beyond this concept. Maybe the remastering done by Patrick W. Engel can be responsible for that.

Musically, the band was just on an embryonic state back then, besides the strength of their music can be feel on songs as “Arallu’s Warriors” (the main focus is on the brutality, with good rhythmic changes), “Sword of Death” (another fast song, but with good guitar riffs), “Morbid Shadow” (once more, the focus is on something fast and brutal, but with some fine slower parts with great shrieks), “Warriors of Hell” (this one has some traces of Oriental Metal in some moments), the pile driving energy of “Barbarian Bloodshed” and “Messenger of Evil World”. They’re proof that a latent talent was in their work, and the time would take its toll.

It’s obvious that “The War on the Wailing Wall” was the brute state of ARALLU’s music, and that they would be better in the future. But for their fans, it’s an opportunity to get it!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

1. Arallu’s Warriors
2. Sword of Death
3. Morbid Shadow
4. Warriors of Hell
5. Mesopotamian Genie
6. Barbarian Bloodshed
7. Satanic Birth in Jerusalem
8. Messenger of Evil World
9. My Hell
10. Satan’s War
11. Kill the Traitor
Butchered - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming
Avi Caspi - Guitars
Record Label: Essential Perfection Records


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Edited 01 February 2023

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