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Arandu Arakuaa - Ko Yby Ore Award winner

Arandu Arakuaa
Ko Yby Ore
by Marcos "The Jungle Guy" Garcia at 28 October 2013, 3:54 PM

There are days when we, writers, really feel ourselves the luckiest people in the world, for sometimes, some very rare and precious jewels, and some bands are so full of creative intents that astonishes us all, and one of those ones, who were born to defy all labels, models and paradigms is, with no shadow of doubt, the Brazilian quartet ARANDU ARAKUAA (which means “knowledge of skies cycles”, or “wisdom from the skies” in an ancient Brazilian Indian language, called Tupi Guarani), that comes with their first album, called “Kó Yby Oré”, which means “This Is Our Land”.

First and most important: never try to label their sound and musical direction. They’re too far away from anything you heard before in your life until this, mixing lots of aspects of aggressive and more melodic Metal tendencies with regional music from Brazil, especially music from Brazilian Indian people, and even some instruments from Brazil, as maracá and viola caipira. And they create new sounds, some more harsh and some more melodic. And do not believe such descriptions as Brazilian Pagan Metal. This could cause many errors. The only way is to just listen to them.

This characteristic of them is the despair of the label lovers, but to true Metal fans, is just a reason for search for their work.

Recorded at Broadand studio, having Caio Duarte on production, the sound quality is in a good level, that could be a little better, but you can hear all instruments and even the music details. And we are sure that Duarte had a very hard work, for this album demanded a great one. And he really did it. Leandro Lestat is the graphic designer that had done all the artwork, and it’s a simple but beautiful job, bringing to our mind the ancient Brazilian culture, the one who had born in these lands, untouched by European and African people: the one who was born from our native Indian blood…

All the songs are fine masterpieces, in a very homogeneous work, being the highlights the intense “T-atá îasy-pe” (with broken tempos, which begins harsh, but near its ends, becomes more melodic, with tender female voices and tribal chants. Listen carefully to the guitar work), the heavy “Aruanãs”, “Kunhãmuku’i” (a great bass work indeed, and with some ethereal moments coming from Progressive Rock), the ‘heavyssive” “Tupinambá” (a perfect mix of well worked Metal with tribal rhythms), the tribal and heavy “Kaapora”, and “Gûyrá” (another fine song, with good rhythmic variations).

This work is a trial for the best, running away from the common things we hear every day. To those who solve the riddle of their music be welcome to a especial group: the ones who had some good Metal taste. Just perfect!

5 Star Rating

1. T-atá îasy-pe
2. Aruanãs
3. Kunhãmuku’i
4. A-kaî T-atá
5. O-îeruré
6. Tykyra
7. Tupinambá
8. îakaré ‘y-pe
9. Auê!
10. A-î-Kuab R-asy
11. Kaapora
12. Gûyrá
13. Moxy Pee Supé Anhangá
Nájila Cristina – Vocals / Maracá
Zândhio Aquino – Guitars / Acoustic Guitar / Viola Caipira / Tribal Vocals / Keyboards / Maracá / Apito
Saulo Lucena – Bass / Backing Vocals / Maracá
Adriano Ferreira – Drums / Percussion / Maracá
Record Label: MS Metal Records


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