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AraPacis - A Disturbing Awakening

A Disturbing Awakening
by Luke Shuckabruh Wheeler at 03 June 2015, 1:23 PM

Being an independent band who make the effort to push their album out for themselves and fans,  shows a lot about this band, after researching into them and realising they’ve been doing this since 2003-present is phenomenal a lot of bands cave under the pressure and vanish from existence, but ARAPACIS are one of many bands who have achieved want they ventured out for! After listening to the album “A Disturbing Awakening” the vibe I got from the band was very much like (BLACK SABBATH and JUDAS PRIEST).

Some of the tracks off the album showed so many different influences from Doom, Black, Metal & Thrash, all the elements of each mixed and matched into one album creating one very interesting but also very crushing at the least.

While listening to the album over, there is a few things I picked up on from each track which felt as though with each passing song it was like the band tried a different style to offer on the album, which brings me to the point when I said influences like doom and black metal, in one specific track “Godless” which opened with a very HEAVY bass line, introducing the song in a monstrous way with one catchy riff which you can’t help but just bang your head in rhythm with the instruments and then Shelle releases this dark and very intimidating laugh, the song has a very doom and black metal feel with the strange and dark vocals follow Shelle this was one song on the album which really opened my eyes!

The album opens with a very crushing PRIEST style intro “Sorrow of a Lost War” fast drums and a piercing riff though the vocals seemed as though the vocalist seemed bored and uninterested her high screams at points were on point and solid. The next Track “Broken Windows” felt like early Down! The guitars tone was lowered and came to a very slow tempo that you can just mellow out to with the sound of bass and drums backing it bringing that doom but also stoner vibe to it!

Though this is the fourth album the band has pushed out, it’s very solid album this has the means to be ground-breaking the album itself to me seems as though it will become very underrated which is a shame cause its bands like this that need to be recognised anyone who is a fan of Doom, Stoner, Black give this album a listen you wouldn’t be let down!

Many bands try to fit in with the Metal genre of today and I’ve seen and heard so many bands come through the scene trying the same thing or doing the same thing as the band before, ARAPACIS brought a style into their scene which was the form of mixing genres together its bands like this that I hope to see leading the frontier of metal today!

4 Star Rating

1. Sorrow of a lost war
2.  Broken Windows
3. Wanderlust Feat. Guy LeBlanc
4. With ghosts, in hell I stand
5. Godless
6. Tearing the mist
7. Iron Heart
8. Eyes of the Malevolence
9. I’m free now
Shelle Macpherson - Vocals
Jerry Fielden – Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals, Bass, Mandolin, Synth

Guy Leblanc –
Don Airey - Keyboards
Record Label: Independent


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