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Arbor Ira - Zerfall

Arbor Ira
by Ray Burrows at 30 April 2014, 11:38 AM

ARBOR IRA has slithered onto the Doom Metal scene with their new four track album “Zerfall”

Get ready for a journey into the little known world of Doom Metal, “Zerfall” is only a four track album but it's entire length is equal to that of most other full length albums, so do not despair!

On my first listen of “Zerfall” I was rather disappointed with the vocals, yet as time went on it felt like there was a story hidden within each of the four the long tracks, which the somber vocals brought out rather well. There is a major feeling of doom when listening to “Zerfall” and it is also a peaceful feeling at the same time, this would be a perfect album to listen to on a dark, dreary and rainy day, add some thunder and lightning to the mix and the story unfolds before your eyes.

As you prepare for your journey deep into the depths of “Zerfall” keep in mind that this is a very unique style of music! Listening to ARBOR IRA will take you on a downhill ride into the unknown territories of Doom Metal, the ride will be a long and arduous one with sounds of smooth guitar riffs combined with a very edgy old school Metal style.

One of the more cool aspects of ARBOR IRA are their two vocalists, you get your typical Death Metal growling through the more somber points, and then when the music speeds up you get a combination of both growling and the more Doom Metal sounding vocals, which for me is a major part of the music, which in turn takes me on that long journey into the world of ARBOR IRA.

Although a very unique release with some inviting sounds that has taken me on a wild ride into a style of music that rarely gets promoted in this day and age, I feel that ARBOR IRA needs to refine their music quite a bit, it feels like they have nearly all of the pieces of the puzzle but they need to put those pieces together. I myself think that if they chose to be a little more specific by choosing one style over the other, such as the more Doom Metal style over the Death Metal style, the puzzle would be much easier to put together! As a band that is trying new things I give them credit where it is due but I must rate “Zerfall” a meager 6/10 with a big thumbs up for any future works!

3 Star Rating

1. Zerfall
2. When Dark Arises
3. #2132
4. Albatros
der bLUM - Guitar / Vocals
HeresyArch - Bass / Vocals
Pille - Drums / Vocals
Worf -  Lead guitar
Herr Kules – Violin
Frau N. Zimmer - Cello
Record Label: Naturmacht Productions


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