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Arcade Messiah - Arcade Messiah Award winner

Arcade Messiah
Arcade Messiah
by Branislav Stanojevic at 01 March 2015, 3:34 PM

ARCADE MESSIAH is one-man project band by John Bassett (also know for his deeds as a producer, a songwriter, a composer, a vocalist at KINGBATHMAT ). A complete main-man, John, started his trip of progressively based instrumentally formed Metal somewhere in 2014 in Hastings, United Kingdom.

First of all, I was quite impressed and filled with this amazing elaborate, a vast of progression, slightly mixture of passion within Post Rock, a melodic pattern of aggression, a raw routine inside a stoner's riffs; heavy, powerful, emotional melodies, one word – “Epicness”. “Arcade Messiah”, along its whole length, is covered in veil of Progressive Metal, and tracking down the playlist you can sense the addition of other genres and styles; E.g., one song is shaped into Progressive Metal, and then next one in line is barely progressive, with a huge amount of Post Rock or Stoner Metal, but bottom line, all the entities are bathed into Progressive Metal. This lad has it all; the numerous waves he's surfing on can only be measured in talent, nothing else.

Sun Exile” indeed starts with a great melodic riff that spreads down the path with addition of other guitar, mostly you'll sense that specific riff the whole time listening to it. The breaks now and then can trick you into delusion, even into some sort of dazing. A bit melancholic start of “Your Best Line of Defense is Obscurity” floats down your ear-channel deep inside your soul where it settles down and tickles your inner peace. A huge drop-down of tempo, unlike the opening song of the album; the stuff I mentioned before, defining to you ARCADE MESSIAH. I must suggest labors I marked under the personal favorites right away, and they are this one and the 7th one, “Roman Resolution”. Both acts are doped with heavy feeling, an emotion of disturbing thoughts, crown inside Post Rock, Post Metal sound, even in same seconds of it a Shoe gaze appears and runs the battle.

Most likely the song that has the strangest name here is “Everybody Eating Everyone Else”. Okay guys, the spirit of Progressive Metal is summoned and its knowledge has been transferred onto John Bassett. It is really amazing to see how this artist easily swings on all of these genres and how perfectly delivered it is to us.
I am most sure lots of Progressive-heads will love this manifest, not just them, even New-Wave Metalheads, as myself often is will love ARCADE MESSIAH as one upcoming and promising project of everything. The skilled fellow and his talent are strong in this one; his innovation and the radius he limited under his name are grateful and honorable. Well done gentleman.


5 Star Rating

1. Sun Exile
2. Your Best Line of Defense is Obscurity
3. Traumascope
4. Aftermath
5. Everybody Eating Everyone Else
6. The Most Popular Form of Escape
7. Roman Resolution
John Bassett - All instruments
Record Label: Independent


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