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Arcadia - Roy Philip Nohl Award winner

Roy Philip Nohl
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 20 May 2013, 2:12 PM

ARCADIA is a band from Italy formed in 1996. They issued two years later demo called "War of Silence", 3 track CD called "Trust", first official full length "Synth", second "Fracture Concrete" and the latest album "Roy Philip Nohl”. Their music is mix of modern Metal, strong  riffs, Hardcore, rough vocals with melodic ends.

“I Sold Drugs To Little Red Riding Hood” was first track which I have listened of ARCADIA for my first time. I found a strong mixture of well diverse music, featuring several mood changes, melodic patterns and new age direction, strong riffs, shouting & gentle Gregorian voice storming in and out and a perfect guitar solo. “Nice Pix From The End Of The World” is a sort of Nu Metal fulfilling moment of clarity in the vein of LINKIN PARK, great oriental guitar and in second part of song up until the Metalcore infusion. On “Slaughterhouse, Obituaries And A Love Story” there is a choir of children at beginning right before hell broke loose with Hardcore fury, something Rappy like BIOHAZARD, this one is quite a beast, notably great connection of different styles & tempos changes. I like the memorable “Dead By Six O'Clock” where brutality meets melodic softness, what would emit an emotional state. Demetrio Scopelliti. I felt a blend of progression aside to the forceful heaviness. Michele Nocentini has quite a voice to him, melodic singing versus Metalcoric nausea screamos. Energetic track with amazing melody chorus-vocal and unbelievable progression & climate of music harboured within “Red Roses And Vermins” and mysterious sounds track “Vampire” played as a Rocker meets a Metalcore dude.

Worth to listen are also: “Ten Milligrams Or More” with a melodic edge similar to such bands like SEETHER, DEMON HUNTER or STAIND, beautiful ballad “Because Of You” with calmer ambiance & melodic singing and “New Skin” with fantastic high refrain singing in melody along with a mix of screamos. Last track on album is instrumental “The Morning After” well played to end this ride.

Nearly every song of this album is a surprise, I didn’t know what to expect out of this Modern Metal machinery. I found it quite intriguing to be witness to such a diversity out of a band of this kind. I must say that I was very pleased and would like to recommend this band for future listeners. Enjoy the chaos folks.

4 Star Rating

1. Roy P. Nohl
2. I Sold Drugs To Little Red Riding Hood
3. Slaughterhouse, Obituaries And A Love Story
4. New Skin
5. Dead By Six O'Clock
6. Because Of You
7. Red Roses And Vermins
8. Vampire
9. Nice Pix From The End Of The World
10. Ten Milligrams Or More
11. The Morning After
Demetrio Scopelliti - Guitars
Michele Nocentini - Vocals
Edoardo Nicodemo - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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