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Archaic - The End Game Protocol

The End Game Protocol
by Allen Peters at 06 June 2022, 3:41 PM

Hinting of political oppression in the intro, this one will end up setting you free. Hit play and let this one ride. Refreshingly understandable lyrics lead the way on The Endgame Protocol, the latest by ARCHAIC. It is nice to be able to hear, not just feel what is behind the music. In a day where unrecognizable growls and screams are the norm, I like what we have here. Well established, with above average talent, this band has toured with TESTAMENT, played with EXODUS, VADER, BEHEMOTH and CARCASS, among many others. They have quite the resume and it shows why right from the beginning.

Behind,” comes out with a grooving Thrash lick, which carries you through to the drums, while they are going ninety to nothing. The lead is ripping away and another nice mixture of vocals is showing some depth of talent. I’m not sure what my favorite instrument is so far, everyone is showing off.

The drums are in the forefront of “The Subliminal,” an obvious highlight to what's going on here, meshing with its classic thrash guitar sound. When we finally get into the meat of the song, here comes the 21st-century solo sound that the band boasts of. It is not too much, as some solos can drag on and on, it is just right.

Lines,” gives you a little more taste of that unique lead guitar in the beginning, the only problem this time is that there is not enough. A great song, nonetheless, with an old school feel, but the next one, “A Cold Embrace,” will make SLAYER fans proud. It is the immediate and constant vibe of this one, taking us full speed ahead to the last part of this album, making all of it is very easy to listen to. This one may be my favorite. It would be hard to pick just one and we have, and we still have four songs to go! Sometimes ten songs may be too long with two or three filler songs thrown on an album. I could go to twelve songs on this one, we need a few bonus tracks! Here at eight songs, each stand-alone so far, both vocally and musically. I'm not hearing a lot of monotonous repetition, each song until the end is new and refreshing, a perfect example of good, current, Thrash Metal.

Hailing from Budapest, not only is this one of the best Thrash Metal bands in Hungary, they can hold their own with anybody on the planet. Saying that, they don't really slow down until we get to the last song and that's not for very long, then it's back to breakneck speed where we can't forget about and are reminded of the bass and rhythm guitar battling back-and-forth with the lead and drums again. The great grand finale song. I love this band and as far as Thrash, it couldn't get much better.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. No One Knows
2. The Truth
3. Behind
4. The Subliminal
5. Lines
6. Withstanding
7. A Cold Embrace
8. From The Undying
9. Endgame Protocol
10. Until We Fade
Erdelyi Peter – Vocals, Guitar
Puckish Laszlo – Guitar
Szabo Csaba Zoltan – Drums
Istvan Horvath – Bass
Record Label: Nail Records


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