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Archgoat - The Light-Devouring Darkness (CD)

The Light-Devouring Darkness
by Elina Papadoyianni at 11 March 2009, 5:11 PM

The Light-Devouring Darkness is the second album release by the Finnish ARCHGOAT. Although almost three years ago they managed to do a reasonably good first attempt for a complete album, under the Whore Of Bethlehem name, their second comeback doesn't seem to have anything new to add. On one hand you can easily see that nothing's missing; the primitive Black Metal sounds are there, the Death Metal vocals are there, the odes to Satan are certainly there…but the thing is that nothing new has been added to the whole mixture.
And yeah, for some people what I've just said will sound completely 'alien' since adding new stuff or progressing through albums means becoming mainstream, but I really couldn't care less 'cause usually such comments come from old farts in age and brains alike.
Sure, Ritual Butcherer and Sinister K do a decent job giving some standard music basis, filled with hatred and blasphemy, for Angelslayer to unleash his rather… unique vocals; I mean these  growls come straight from the gutter. So guttural you think they come from the bottom of his feet and resonate on their way up. I think you can actually get the same result by using a chainsaw brushed against an old submarine rusting in a ship graveyard and placing the microphone in the ballast.
The production is raw and adequate for what ARCHGOAT is delivering. The kind of Black Metal that is worshiped by the handful that consider GORGOROTH as sellouts and a kind of music that should be played in mainstream clubs next to the latest Rihanna hit. If you're one of them, you'll definitely enjoy all full 30 minutes of imaginative songs such as Sodomator Of The Doomed Venus, Fornicated Messiah, The Dawn Of The Antichrist and other lovely songs you can listen to while burning down your local church.
If you're up for something more complicated, there are about a million other bands you can listen to… But if you're not baffled by the mistype of the words kvlt and trve and your daily activities include running half naked in forests while wielding swords then you'll probably appreciate it as a soundtrack to your evil endeavors.

2 Star Rating

Intro: 3rd Invocation
Apotheosis Of Lucifer
Tribulation Of The King Of Worms
Goat And The Moon
Sodomator Of The Doomed Venus
The Light-Devouring Darkness
Blessed In Beast's Blood
Worms Born Of Martyrdom
Fornicated Messiah
The Dawn Of The Antichrist
Ritual Butcherer - Guitar
Lord Angelslayer - Vocals, Bass   
Sinister Karppinen - Drums
Record Label: Blasphemous Underground Productions


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