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Architects Of Chaoz - The League Of Shadows Award winner

Architects Of Choaz
The League Of Shadows
by YNGWIEVIKING at 17 June 2015, 11:36 AM

ARCHITECTS OF CHAOZ??? Is this a new Metal Core band for the Hipsters? Hopefully no. No, not at all!!!

ARCHITECTS OF CHAOZ is a new Heavy Metal Band formed by legendary Paul Di’Anno and completed with his longtime friends, his four piece German touring-band THE PHANTOMZ.

Of course, as you probably understand it, you don’t have to wait for nice melodies or subtle arrangements but instead a full blown attack of heavy guitars and rough vocals in the tradition of BATTLEZONE and early KILLERS…The style is fully honored with the early songs on the tracklist of “The League Of Shadows”.

Nevertheless, by the fourth cut “Switched Off” they shown a more sensible facette, Vocally Mr Di’Anno demonstrates his good actual shape and his testosterone infused screams and growls are ultra efficients and impressive. ”Erase The World” sounds a little bit like the ANNIHILATOR tune “Set The World On Fire” while “Dead Eyes” is built around an Harmonized dual axe theme like you know who !

“When Murder Comes To Town” is on display between an intrepid Thrash edge with some strong melodic perspectives and a rigorous Hard Rock. Both the old school style and the contemporary mood are well blended. Same for the Power-Metal tracks influenced by the NWOBHM‘s sound of “Obsidian black” or “Apache Falls”.

The whole recording spirit is based toward a very positive energy, a very relaxed attitude, like a kind of Metal party with buddies. Both CD Bonus tracks are amazing and a worth purchase notably the DEEP PURPLE’s “Soldier Of Fortune” already covered in the most beautiful way by David Coverdale and his bunch of Albino-Snakes. This excellent rendition, even if is a step behind the one you can find on “The Purple Album”, it still a great realization and a fantastic tribute to the Deepest violet !

Another fine reason to buy the silver disc wrapped in a magnificent Digipack, instead of the crap digital files (but that’s only my very humble very heavy opinion). Anyway physical or digital well finally that's your choice , but the Steel voracious and the addicted to Metal among us and more precisely the oldest range, will have some great time with one of our teenage- hero. The one & only Paul Di’Anno, that was dethroned in the last decade, with ARCHITECTS OF CHAOZ is returning in good form. Now backed with this new gang, Paul shows that with his new found focus, he’s still able to Rock Hard like in the good old days.

Ladies & Gentlemen the Beast is back!!!

4 Star Rating

1. Rejected
2. How Many Times
3. Horsemen…
4. Switched Off (Released)
5. Erase The World
6. Dead Eyes
7. Architects Of Chaoz
8. When Murder Comes To Town
9. Obsidian Black
10. You've Been Kissed By The Wings Of The Angel Of Death (CD bonus track)
11. Apache Falls
12. Soldier Of Fortune (CD bonus track)
Paul Di'Anno – Vocals
Joey Siedl – Guitar
Andy Ballnus – Guitar
Christoph Lücker – Bass
Dominik Fox - Drums
Record Label: Metalville Records


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