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Arctic Sea Survivors - The Longest Dawn (The Souls Burn in Everlasting Fires)

Arctic Sea Survivors
The Longest Dawn (The Souls Burn in Everlasting Fires)
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 12 December 2021, 7:53 AM

As long as Doom Metal evolved from the bitter and oppressive sound created by BLACK SABBATH on its early albums, it brood many subgenres with contrasts between them that are hard to assimilate by the fans. It happened due the differences of personalities between musicians. And ARCTIC SEA SURVIVORS is pretty different from others bands from the genre, as can be heard on “The Longest Dawn (The Souls Burn in Everlasting Fires)”.

They’re a Doom Metal/Post-Metal band with songs beings expressed by landscaping ambiences of their songs (that are mainly instrumental, with few Gothic vocals and snarls, as presented on “The Place that Never Thaws”). And besides the band don’t have a high degree of instrumental technique it’s not so simple to assimilate work. But the different is always hard to deal with (imagine what people felt when hearing to BLACK SABBATH, MOTÖRHEAD or JUDAS PRIEST for the first time on the 70’s to have an idea). So, be prepared and keep an open mind when hearing to their music. To have such approach on music, the quartet needed a wise production, because their music needs a clean outfit with abrasive distorted tunes to be fully understood on its expression. And the aligned things in a very good way, so the fans will not have troubles to absorb what’s being expressed.

The quartet prefers to use long songs to express their ideas (which ideas deal with the culture and myths of the northernmost latitudes), and many treasures can be found on the contrasts laid on “Enter the Realm of Pana” (a distorted song with very good guitar riffs), “The Place that Never Thaws” (a melancholic and deep ambience permeates the song, where some vocals appears to temper things up), “Novaya Semlya” (here the ‘sabbathic’ Doom Metal side of their music becomes explicit due the slow paced tempos from bass guitar and drums), and the distorted “The Fires of Archangelsk”. So dig into their music and find the treasures!

Once more: it’s not easy to deal with what “The Longest Dawn (The Souls Burn in Everlasting Fires)” is up to, but the work of ARCTIC SEA SURVIVORS is really very good.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Enter the Realm of Pana
2. The Place that Never Thaws
3. Solitary Pathways
4. Novaya Semlya
5. The Fires of Archangelsk
6. The March to Adlivun
Survivor I - Guitars
Survivor II - Bass
Survivor III - Drums
Survivor IV - Guitars
Record Label: Tallheim Records


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