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Arcturus - Shipwrecked In Oslo (CD)

Shipwrecked In Oslo
by Michael Dalakos at 19 October 2006, 5:23 PM

The band that defines progressive music in anyway you look at it is Arcturus. All you Dream Theater fans may laugh all you want but deep inside you know that no other progressive metal band can push the limits to the maximum anymore. Arcturus songs are so loose as compositions that listening one of their albums becomes a great adventure. Never knowing if a blast-beat awaits you around the corner to blow you away or a dreamy keyboard part to carry you on ethereal planes. And now it is time for all of those who never had the chance to experience this act's abilities on stage to witness what the term extraordinary is all about!
Needles to say that the band RULES on stage. Come one people - are there any doubts about the band's abilities on stage? I will only say that Arcturus perform their impossible to be comprehended by other mortal bands songs with surgical precision and passion. Looking at Hellhammer demolishing his drum kit a started laughing and thinking, damn, this guy makes it look so easy! the songs included in this DVD cover the band's discography, plus there are several solos here and there working as bridges. As hard as I tried to find some faults in the band's performance I came up empty handed!
As for the visual part of the show let's not also forget the weird costumes of neither the band nor the harlequin dancers appearing on stage! The light show is also very good - maybe not so high tech like bigger bands use but still an excellent one.
Shipwrecked… is a feast for the eyes and ears of the music lover. A BUY OR DIE case. In a market full of average DVD's full of extra parts just to cover the mediocrity when it comes to performance Arcturus deliver the goods wiping out any doubt of mostly being a studio band. Purchase without hesitation!

4 Star Rating

La Masquerade Infernale
Ad Absurdum
Nightmare Heaven
Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer
Deception Genesis
The Chaos Path
Nocturnal Vision Revisited
Painting My Horror
Master Of Disguise
White Noise Monster
Raudt og Svart
Jan Axel Hellhammer Von Blomberg - Drums
Steinar Sverd Johnsen - Keyboards
Hugh Mingay - Bass
Knut Magne Valle - Guitars
Tore Moren - Guitars
Simen ICS Vortex Hestnæs - Vocals
Record Label: Season of Mist


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