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Arcturus - Sideshow Symphonies (CD)

Sideshow Symphonies
by Michael Dalakos at 09 October 2005, 9:23 PM

I rest my case with Arcturus. A band that makes everything sound so simple to be done can't be from this planet. And to be honest with you: I've never heard them deny such allegation (of being human - haha). Those of you who got in the band with their previous work, The Sham Mirrors (2002, The End Records), get ready for a big surprise!
Where The Sham Mirrors was the most less-Metal release of the band (with a heavy experimentation vibe covering pretty much everything), Sideshow Symphonies is the most straight symphonic piece of work the band has ever released so far. I had the pleasure of keeping track of this band since their La Masquerade Infernale (1997, Music For Nations) days. Definitely not the most commercial band in the world! Their works are always a gift for the cerebral cortex. Difficult to be comprehended. A musical Pandora's box that challenges the listener to discover how deep the rabbit hole goes…
Sideshow Symphonies brings in mind the La Masqerade… days of the band. However it is more straightforward, less Black Metal and more symphonic… maybe also a bit more cheerful? Their new vocalist, Simen Hestnaes, is as paranoid as the rest of the gang. How on earth do these human entities manage every time to offer such compositions as the ones in this gem, I don't know.
In the name of what is mentally stable I urge all listeners not ready yet to lose grip from reality to avoid this evil creation. This is definitely not for the weak hearted. Thanks, guys!

4 Star Rating

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Jan Axel Von Blomberg (Hellhammer) - Drums
Steinar Johnsen (Sverd) - Keyboards
Hugh Steven James Mingay (Skoll) - Bass
Knut Magne Valle - Guitar
Tore Moren - Guitar
Simen Hestnaes (Vortex) - Vocals
Record Label: Season Of Mist


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