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Ardours - Last Place on Earth Award winner

Last Place on Earth
by Louise Brown at 23 September 2019, 1:45 PM

ARDOURS was formed during the year 2015 in Lisbon, Sassari, Portugal. To date "Last Place On Earth" is their only album. However, both musicians have been active in the music business for several years, primarily on the Italian island of Sardinia.

"What Else Is There" opens the album with a lovely intro with a strong Symphonic Metal overtone. It's a brief track, yet a good one to set things in motion. "Catabolic" has an interesting Electronica sub-influence which blends well with the track's Melodic Metal base. The vocals are quite nice, strong yet not overpowering. The song flows beautifully with a consistently good sound and tone. I find myself enjoying it a great deal as I listen to it. "Last Place On Earth" has a great deal of drama immediately; it pulls you in before you're even fully aware of it. I love the backing synth track which balances out the vocals extremely well. The chorus is excellent, too featuring beautiful harmony with a powerful presence. The track is pure ear candy. "Design" has a futuristic-sounding intro which is complimented nicely by the addition of some strong guitar riffs. The vocals have a more subtle sound which does not rob them of their power at all. The track is a bit slower-paced versus the previous ones, yet it's just as good as they are. I'm very impressed with the way this band sounds so far. "Last Moment" is melodic from the start. The vocal performance is lovely; I like harmonies anyway so this particular song really appeals to me. It's only at the halfway point of the album and I'm already thoroughly hooked on the fantastic music I'm hearing.

"The Mist" is haunting as well as gorgeous. The song's lyrics hit me at an emotional level. I won't deny it, the music and vocals brought tears to my eyes. I'm not prepared to feel so strongly about music I'm not familiar with so I had to take a short break in order to give myself a chance to regain my composure. It's a beautiful track, but if you're an emotional type like I am be prepared for it to overwhelm you a little. Nonetheless, it's completely worth a few tears being shed. "Therefore I Am" is also a good track, and not quite as emotional as the one proceeding it. I'm struck again by how fantastic ARDOURS sounds; the music and the vocals are nearly flawless. I think once more people find out about the band their music will become extremely popular worldwide. "Truths" is another emotion-inducing song. Sweet vocals turn more powerful as the song progresses. It's one of those tracks that lifts you as you listen to it; it's moving on all levels and is a sheer pleasure to listen to. I am honestly amazed by the quality of the music! "No One Is Listening" has a great intro which is subtle at first then grows stronger when combined with a few choice guitar hooks. It also features another outstanding vocal performance; Mariangela Demurtas has a voice that goes straight to your heart, seriously. Harmony, power and that sense of near immortality that only the best songs manage to create are evident as you listen. It's one of those songs that the romantic types will appreciate just as much as the metal-heads will. It's almost perfect.

The last song, "Totally" is slow and intense to begin with before it becomes much louder and more aggressive as it retains its essentially melodic spirit. I cannot adequately express just how GREAT the music by ARDOURS truly is; it's pure bliss for anyone who appreciates well-written songs that are performed with passion. I feel honored to be reviewing something that is a real work of art.

There is no question that "The Last Place On Earth" earns a very high score. It's a refreshing change of pace from what passes for "good music" these days. If ARDOURS doesn't become more popular with music fans within the next six months I'll be quite shocked.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10


5 Star Rating

1. What Else Is There
2. Catabolic
3. Last Place On Earth
4. Design
5. Last Moment
6. The Mist
7. Therefore I Am
8. Truths
9. No One Is Listening
10. Totally
Mariangela Demurtas -  Vocals
Kris Laurent -  Guitars, bass, synthesizer
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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Edited 03 February 2023

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