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Arising Fear - Beyond Betrayal

Arising Fear
Beyond Betrayal
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 09 April 2014, 5:45 PM

Hailing from Germany, Augsburg, ARISING FEAR was founded around 2008 releasing self-titled EP on 2009, “Beyond Betrayal” is their debut album.

“Beyond Betrayal” falls into the Thrash Metal category; however it will be an insult for this album to reckoned as only a Thrash venture. ARISING FEAR has it in their written bio something in the area of catchy hooks, complex song structures and hard headbanger riffs. That is one hundred percent true. Furthermore, these guys are a bit more complex than the average Joe. “Beyond Betrayal” has good riffs , on first listen I said to myself “again this a pure release”. On the other hand, I noticed right from the intro drum work of the opener “Mantic shape”, which overall is a great track, but the drums sounded like FL Studio drums, later on the drums appeared to be a slight setback of the entire release, mostly production inability. Sorry Tobias. Anyhow, ARISING FEAR stand true to their old school attacks with catchiness, diverse song structures and headbanging riffery that is so tasty. Don’t miss, “Deadly Embrace”, “Losing Sanity” that venture to more Thrash Metal classic realms.

Overall a good first release that with some better production could have been stellar.

4 Star Rating

1. Mantic Shape
2. Beyond the Walls of Anger
3. Deadly Embrace
4. Day to Overcome
5. Losing Sanity
6. Final Redemption
7. This Burden
8. Come Alive Again
9. Thrashing Brain Surgery
10. Meltdown Rust
Alexander Rauh – Vocals / Guitars
Kevin Pöllmann – Guitars / Vocals
Tobias Möhring - Drums
Thomas Franz - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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