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Arjuna’s Eye – Amalgam

Arjuna’s Eye
by JoJo Hamilton at 19 December 2019, 4:46 AM

ARJUNA’S EYE are a Progressive Metal band who started off as a one-man Canadian project who then became an Irish 5 piece band. The band was founded in 2011 and now in 2019 they bring us their 2nd album, “Amalgam”. The new album features 9 banging tracks to sink your teeth into. A heavy and fast paced album that you can bang your head to all day long! For fans of the band who have been awaiting the 2nd album, the new album comes at the right time. A fast-paced action filled album with heavy guitar riffs, thrashing drums and searing hot vocals. A fairly heavy album for those who don’t know the band, but like the heavier side of Prog Metal, it’s a good album to ease new listeners in. The album features lots of growl among the singing and gives it that Thrashy feel to it as well as the Prog touch.

On the 9 track album, there are a few songs that should be listened to. Songs worth noting include “Kronos”, a heavy song which you need good lungs to scream along to! It has a catchy chorus which makes it easy to sing along to and makes you want to headbang to it. Also “Utterance Of A Mechanical Man” is a fine song with a gritty sound to it. It’s a track which lasts 5 minutes 9 seconds and is a slightly slower paced track than some of the others, but thoroughly enjoyable a song it is! Definitely worth listening for is song number 6 on the album “Echolocation”. It’s a song with fire & bite. At 6 minutes long, it’s one of the longer songs on the album and features some screaming vocals to some fast-played guitars and drum accompaniment. “Romulus And Remus” is another excellent song from the new album, with a heavy baseline all the way through, it’s a song which makes you feel the urge to throw the metal horns in the air! Also, worth noting is the song “Cortexiphan”. It’s a song that screams to us about the universe and how we see the world. A quality song with quality music.

In my opinion, the new album “Amalgam” is a fine fresh new addition to the band collection. For fans old and new, this album brings Prog Metal to the front of the scene and is fresh, crisp and has bite! Overall a well-produced and performed album with no real draw backs. The band have gave their all in producing the album, and they deserve the respect they have earned. All in all a heavy album to listen to but one with plenty of choice and ace lyrics packed into some awesome instrumental sounds. I would like to hear what comes next from the Cork band and see where they take Canadian/Irish metal from here into the future.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Beast Mode
2. Kronos
3. Trial Of The Grasses
4. Utterance Of A Mechanical Man
5. An Mactire Ban
6. Echolocation
7. Romulus And Remus
8. Cortexiphan
9. Hibernia
Conor Nagle - Guitar, vocals
Sean Frahill - Vocals
Aaron Frahill - Bass, Vocals
Rory Power - Drums
Cillian Plummer – Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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