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Arkaid - Crematoria

by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 31 December 2018, 12:34 PM

Sweden's four pieced combo ARKAID are now ready to deliver their first full length release after putting out two EPs (Arkaid I and Arkaid II) now on Art Gates Records. Based in Halmstad, this quartet is aiming now for major league. This album has been available since November 18th.Consisting of nine songs and weighing a little less than 40 minutes, this record possesses two to four minutes tracks, as the longer one is like a little less than five minutes long. This is straight to the point music.

It starts with the title track, sounding theatrical and sarcastic and the music is a little aggressive. It's a little track though, about two minutes long. Track two, "Tragical," is kind of a mix of Metalcore sleeping with GOJIRA and having a baby. The harsh vocals are not death metal and not especially core either. The chorus is very inviting and catchy, and grandiose.The drums are well defined…almost industrial sounding. "Sex Bomb" made me think of the ultra worldwide hit by TOM JONES. Oh wait a second, this is a cover song! It's catchy as hell song like the original hit…a huge party of a track. An excellent way to pull out negativity and mosh all night long!

"The Ruined Bouquet" slows things down. Piano leads the way softly, and we can hear keyboards. This is a sing-along like song.It makes me think of pirates or an anthemic chant for battalions right before war…an army of drunken warriors!!?? I really dig this one. It shows a lot of cool energy and choruses. No, I think of it as pirates setting sails to far away lands and mystery drunken singing with a solar energy keyboard that drives the mermaids crazy and make the boat gain full speed ahead! AR-HAR! "November" reminds me of bands like ALESTORM or SWASHBUCKLE.It's the perfect song to have with friends.Cheer up music for beer lovers! Sing along or DIE!

"Far Away" lets the dust come down a little. Symphonic atmospheric approach for the first minute and we are invited to a thrashy fast paced tempo headbanging ready with excellent smooth choruses and harmonies. Wow quite a cool surprise for me. The structure reminds me of AMON AMARTH. Viking metal lovers will have fun here. The Chorus reminds me of the mighty BATHORY. A very pleasant discovery for me. "Wielder of your Past" stays in the same harsh vocals zone, once again using the powerful harmonic vocals of an entire choir. It uses a very cool formula. I really dig the genre, very catchy and fun. Quorthon inspired them for sure. "Dagger and a Drink" is very groovy and moving, sounding southern metal, with a PANTERA and ZAKK WYLDE feel.

"Here at the End of All" starts with a mellow and sad violin intro accompanied with keys to let the guitars bass and drum do their job. The vocals are flawless once again.T hey are backed up with power back vocals and nice orchestration that reminds me a little of THERION. It's very inviting and well orchestrated song…not reinventing anything but effective as hell. Though not being the most original artist of 2018, ARKAID has plenty to offer. And they deliver…quite a nice discovery for me. For fans of AMON AMARTH, BATHORY (more symphonic albums),and ALESTORM.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Crematoria
2. Tragical
3. Sexbomb
4. The Ruined Bouquet
5. November
6. Far Away
7. Wielder of Your Past
8. Dagger and a Drink
9. Here at the End of All
 J.R. "The Law" Kensington - Vocals
 Delilah Paris - Bass
 Eric Highbury - Drums
 Spike - Guitar
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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