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Arkenstone - Dead Human Resource (CD)

Dead Human Resource
by George Karagiannis at 15 January 2009, 11:00 AM

Crete: the place of Minoan Civilization, the place of unique culture and endless summertime vacations…and also an island that has a great Metal movement the last few years, as even PARADISE LOST had the chance to witness that at their last summer Metal gig there. As you already guessed this band comes from Heraclion, Crete and probably is the only one with such a constant presence to the local scene for so many years.
ARKENSTONE(no relation with the BURZUM-copy-write Black Metal band from Portugal) started as a Power Metal band and through endless concerts and hard work their sound changed to more heavier paths, mixing their Power Metal with Thrash Metal. Nowadays the band has developed into a modern Thrash group with many 'power' elements. In late 2006 they decided to travel to Germany to record their debut at the well-known Music Factory Studios. There, with the guidance of R.D.Liapakis (MYSTIC PROPHECY) and Christian Schmid they produced a furious Thrash Metal thunder! Modern Thrash Metal riffs, very nice screaming vocals and a heavy rhythm section that kicks as!!! I really liked the mixture of the fierce screaming vocals with clear ones. Good production and a very impressive artwork! Well, if i was a barman the ARKENSTONE drink would be a mixture of 10% ANNIHILATOR, 20% NEVERMORE, 30% PANTERA, 20% SLAYER/SEPULTURA and 20% of pure Hellenic spirit!
Dynamite, right??? Fall, Psychopath's Salvation, Forever More, Majestic Tales Untold and the explosive Dead Human Resource stand out from the album. Of course the band is still far away from perfection (if this is your case) but I could name many big bands to you that would love to make such a debut. Imagine what they can do in the future! Dead Human Resource stands proud next to all the other Metal releases this year and makes it clear that this band is here to stay!
Still not convinced? Well the mighty Bruce Dickinson gave airplay (twice) to the title track of the album on his radio show at BBC! Woah! Proud for you guys…hope to see you soon on stage!
Note: Since there is no video available, yet get a glance of their music visiting also the MySpace page of the band.

3 Star Rating

Psychopath's Salvation
Righteous Murderer
Forever More
Eyes Of The Dark
Majestic Tales Untold
World Of Corruption
Pain Horror Stigmata
Dead Human Resource
Endal - Shouts
Herck - Guitars, Clean & Brutal Vox
Beast - Guitar, Back Vox
Machine - Bass Guitar
nVital - Drums
Record Label: Casket Music


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