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Arkhamin Kirjasto - Torches Ablaze

Arkhamin Kirjasto
Torches Ablaze
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 13 September 2012, 12:52 PM

I dare you, I double dare you, that’s what the figure in black told me in my dream, "I dare you, I double dare you listen to" ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO’s ”Torches Ablaze" I said what? Who? Why? That's the only thing I remember. When I woke up at 2 AM shocked and in a cold sweat I stumbled to my computer just to see the mail from my editor saying, you got to review this band ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO’s ”Torches Ablaze". Coincidence? I don’t think so.

First of all in order to try to explain this unexplainable album, I have to give some info on the band. ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO was founded by Ektro Records’ label chief Jussi Lehtisalo. This guy had his share of bands, he is what we call a veteran in the world of Metal with bands likeSTEEL MAMMOTH, PHARAOH OVERLORD and many more. ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO combines Death Metal with Heavy Metal and even some Glam with a dose of spacey Rock and a pinch of Punk, yes spacey Punk like the “Neuromancer” by BILLY IDOL, I kid you not!!!

After this sort of introduction let's get things started. Tthe first song, "The Cult of No Return", starts with a 38 second intro which can only be explained as odd. Then the song combines straight and mid-paced Heavy Metal with deep, but always intelligible growls, a highly melodic chorus and overall quite a big emphasis on the melody within the guitars. "Knights of Torment" is straightforward, mid-paced, Heavy Metal with deep growling vocals. Nothing special here however, we are presented with an annoying,spacey sound that is a recurring motif throughout the album. This is a one single element that I felt that damaged the album’s Heavy Metal sound. Maybe they were trying to show some uniqueness by using annoying sounds.

"Sea of Madness" surprised me. The first time I listened to it I was thinking to myself what the fuck is that?! However after the third time this song will grow on you and it’s maybe the best song on the album. I found that there are some BLACK SABBATH-like riffs and in many parts of the song there are also a high pitched Black Metal lead riffing that contributed to the lowdown atmosphere of the song, kind of depressing actually. “Sleeping Beauty”’s riff reminded me allot of IRON MAIDEN style of riffs of the “Piece Of Mind” album. The riffing alongside heavy but clear growling made this song a solid traditional / Death Metal surrounding. After 3 songs the vocals did impress me while bringing back memories of Johan Lindstrand of ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET.

“Bitch from Hell”, no surprise there, starts with a strong powerful Glam Metal main riff and rhythm mixed up with some Blackish pitched guitar lick. Apart from the music, many people could relate to the lyrics and to the chorus with the unforgettable words “she doesn’t aim to please”. “Thousand Snakes” introduces us to a very surprising element, kind of blackish keyboards’ sound that comes alongside the guitar riffs and creates a very black and desperate atmosphere. Yet again some nice lyrics and one short sentence for the Metal Pantheon “I killed the devil”. Separatelyfrom the above I think that "Speed, Yog Sogoth" and “Golem Made of Flesh” are powerful songs, and each in its own way: “Speed, Yog Sogoth”’s bass intro is very nice and again the vocals are very moody. “Golem Made of Flesh” is more straightforward and uses many blackened high pitched lead guitar signatures alongside the rhythm guitars.

Musically in general, this album is quite diverse and non-conformist, while trying to keep the core of Death Metal, there are traces of Punk / Rock and Heavy Metal, it is also very melodic and uses many Black Metal influences to create a darker ambiance. This is not an album for Metal music beginners; it’s more for the veterans among us and for people that are embracing fusion styles.

4 Star Rating

1. The Cult of No Return
2. Knights of Torment
3. Sleeping Beauty
4. Sea of Madness
5. Bitch from Hell
6. Thousand Snakes
7. Speed, Yog Sothoth
8. Golem Made of Flesh
9. Synthetic Death
10. When the Light Is Dead and Gone
Samae Koskinen– Vocals / Drums / Bass / Guitars
Jussi Lehtisalo– Guitars / Bass
Record Label: Ektro Records


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