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Arkona - Возрождение Award winner

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 17 December 2016, 7:51 AM

Maybe the fans couldn’t understand some things that we, the oldest Metalheads, see as reality. One is Metal as a strong arm for freedom, because Metal was there, when Berlin wall went down on 1989 and communism/socialism was finally gone on the eastern part of Europe, when Soviet Union collapsed and fell apart. In that year (1991), the first version for Monsters of Rock showed to one million of young music fans what Metal was about. Since then, many bands of Metal bloomed from the ashes of the old tyrannical empire, among the greatest names in Russian Metal scene the quintet ARKONA, a notorious name with excellent albums. Now, they are releasing their new album, “Возрождение” (it can be written as “Vozrozhdenie” in Latin).

For those that are not introduced to the ban’s works, “Возрождение” in reality is a new recording for their first album, originally released on 2005. But if it keeps the same spirit of the original version, the band their experience to add new life to this version. So, if you have the first version, this one is an excellent new lecture of the album; but if you don’t, you’ll have a great and good surprise, because their Heathen/Pagan essence is more evident, and the melodic lines are clearer, and the extreme and aggressive moments are in great shape as well.

The production of the album was done with extreme care. You can hear all the instruments on clean and aggressive moments alike, with no problems. The melodic lines are clear to our ears as well. But the strength and heavy weight of their music is present as well, so we can say that the sound quality is excellent. On the cover, another beautiful work from Kris Verwimp. You can have the clear idea of how the band evolved for all these years hearing songs as the atmospheric and heathen “Коляда” (very good use of guitars and flutes, with excellent extreme moments), the very good tempos and Pagan arrangements heard on “Масленица”, the climatic and epic “К дому Сварога” (with some slow tempos, where the Marsha’s vocals show excellent clean and extreme parts), the introspective and melodic “Русь” (again the vocals are showing an excellent work, along the keyboard and Pagan instruments parts), the enigmatic and charming “Солнцеворот” (great work from bass guitar and drums), and the excellent ones “По звериным тропам” and “Заложный”.

ARKONA gave a step in the past, but two into the future making this remake, and “Возрождение” now can be fully understood.

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

5 Star Rating

1. Коляда
2. Масленица
3. К дому Сварога
4. Чёрные вороны
5. Возрождение
6. Русь
7. Брате славяне
8. Солнцеворот
9. Под мечами
10. По звериным тропам
11. Заложный
12. Зов предков
Masha “Scream” Arkhipova - Vocals, keyboards, percussion, tambourine, komuz, acoustic guitars, shaker, shaman drums
Sergey “Lazar” Atrashkevich - Guitars, balalaika, komuz, yakut, Jew's harp, backing vocals
Vladimir “Wolf” Reshetnikov - Flutes, bagpipes, gaita, gallega, blockflute, backing
Ruslan “Kniaz” - Bass
Andrey Ischenko - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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