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Armageddon - Embrace The Mystery & Three (CD)

Embrace The Mystery & Three
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 22 December 2009, 10:32 AM

This is not a new album but a special double CD release featuring two titles of the band that listens to the name ARMAGEDDON. If you had a look at the band's lineup then you should have recognized the name of Mr Chris Amott. If you haven't then you should go to your local record store and buy yourself a couple of ARCH ENEMY's albums (preferably the latest) to get the picture about Chris' whereabouts.
As I said in the beginning this is not a new album but a enticing package comprising the second and third release of Chris's project act that was born somewhere in 1997 during ARCH ENEMY's prime visit at the land of the rising sun. Japan has been a die-hard fan of ARCH ENEMY in that extent that Amott was offered a record deal for a solo release. For this purpose he gathered around him some friends of his and put up the debut Crossing The Rubicon. The album was pretty well received and so two more albums followed with different lineups and almost not alike music directions.
Embrace The Mystery is almost a Power Metal album with guitar driven songs in the vein of David T. Chastain with a slight dose of SYMPHONY X. Rickard Bengtsson has a high pitched clean voice that also grants the minor progressive Metal influences courtesy of the high skilled guitar work. Even though the production was handled by Fredrik Nordstrom it cannot be characterized as very good. The overall sound is not that clear and is solemnly focused on the guitar shredding riffs. Music wise this album is nothing really special apart from some tracks, like Blind Fury, Cry Of Fate and Embrace The Mystery, and overall sounds like the product of a sophisticated jam from four skilled musicians. In the bonus material there are some rehearsal takes and an interesting cover on IRON MAIDEN's Die With Your Boots On. The latter is a nice treat since it bears the Swedish Melodic Death Metal signature shining through a killer aggression and a better sound than the rest of the album.
The second part of this hearty package is the album Three. Here Chris has taken over the vocals too and I can say he has done a really nice job. With an almost one-sided octave way of singing - you can call them Ozzy influences he has given more aggression to the band's Power Metal approach. Of course, the guitar are the main act here with finger melting riffs and hammer-ons and pull-offs. The almost Hard Rock lining enhanced by the melodic vocals is another addition to the third release by ARMAGEDDON. This album sounds better than the previous one with distinct musical direction and less Euro Power Metal elements. Some fine examples are the metaller Rainbow Serpent with the nice chorus, the groovy Stranglehold and the MOTORHEAD-esque Hear Of Ice. Again the most impressive track of this CD is the cover version on MERCYFUL FATE's Desecration Of Souls. Here, Chris has managed to imitate King's vocals without sounding funny or out of tune. In fact the track sounds more aggressive with additional guitar leads and an overall cool attitude.
To sum this up this is a temping release that is literally packed with music. But the compositions are nothing too special so do not expect something close to ARCH ENEMY or something similar. This is Chris' experimentation that as it seems has many supporters in Japan. If you are a killer ARCH ENEMY fan and you'd kill to get your heads on this Japan-only releases then go ahead. If you are not move on since you won't miss something special.

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Disc 1

The Broken Spell
Blind Fury
Worlds Apart
Cry Of Fate
Illusions Tale
Moongate Climber
Embrace The Mystery
Sleep Of Innocence
Grain Of Sand
Worlds Apart (Rehearsal - Bonus)
The Broken Spell (Rehearsal - Bonus)
Die With Your Boots On (IRON MAIDEN Cover - Bonus)

Disc 2

Gathering Of The Storm
Burn The Sun
Heart Of Ice
Well Of Sadness
Rainbow Serpent
Winter Skies
Final Destination
Spirit Kiss
The Contract
Winter Skies (Demo - Bonus)
Sands Of Time (Demo - Bonus)
Desecration Of Souls (MERCYFUL FATE Cover - Bonus)
(Embrace The Mystery Album)
Chris Amott - Guitars
Dick Lovgren - Bass
Daniel Erlandsson - Drums
Rickard Bengtsson - Vocals

(Three Album)
Chris Amott - Guitars, Vocals
Daniel Erlandsson - Drums
Tobias Gustafsson - Bass
Record Label: Century Media Records


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