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Armagedon - Death Then Nothing

Death Then Nothing
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 15 June 2010, 4:06 PM

Lately there has been a pile of promo CD’s from Polish Metal bands next to my CD player and hell I enjoy it! Poland has been a rising force in Metal for many years now and after the success of bands like BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATED and VADER more bands come out of the blue to bring you some fine extreme Metal. The fact is ARMAGEDON is not here out of the blue since these guys kick ass since 1986! Yeah, more than two decades now!

The band though did take a long break, a really long break to be more precise which lasted 12 whole years (1994-2006). After their reunion in 2006 it took them three years to record their second full-length album (not much of a productive band, huh?) and find a label to release it. After they found Mystic Production (or the people from Mystic found them), here they are with their Death Metal holocaust.

Yeap, Death Metal, the first thing that comes in mind when you hear about Polish Metal. Have you checked out my last reviews on Polish Death Metal? Well, if you liked MASACHIST or TRAUMA you are surely going to love ARMAGEDON! No, there’s nothing so amazing about these, but it’s fucking Death Metal we’re talking about! The production has made the album sound like a war tank and the band has taken advantage of it writing pure brutal music with the tempo reaching high for the sky! The blasts and the razor sharp guitars will attempt to slit your throat while Mr. Slavo growls like a beast! What is really interesting in here is that ARMAGEDON use a variety of sound that range from Middle Eastern melodies to thrashy riffs and classic Death Metal tunes.

Their music and sound really reminded me of VADER’s last works, so if you are into that stuff you will definitely find something to bang your head to in here. One more nice product from Poland and the legacy this country has created keeps going strong!

3 Star Rating

  1. Death Then Nothing
  2. Dead Code
  3. Enemy
  4. Blanket Of Silence
  5. Seeing Is Believing
  6. Bed Of Thorns
  7. Father Of Oblivion
  8. Emptiness Beyond Grave
  9. Betrayed
  10. F… End
Sawomir "Slavo" Maryniewski - Vocals
Krzysztof "Krizz" Maryniewski - Guitar
Rafal "Ra.V" Karwowski - Guitar
Tomasz "Sooloo" Solnica - Bass
Adam Sierzega - Drums
Record Label: Mystic Production


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