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Armnatt - Eternal Flame Award winner

Eternal Flame
by Craig Rider at 01 July 2021, 8:39 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: ARMNATT; signed via Signal Rex Records, hailing from Portuguese grounds - performing Black Metal, on their 3rd Full-Length Album entitled: "Eternal Flame" (released May 28th, 2021).

Since formation in 2013; the trio in question have a Split entitled: "Armnatt / Tmärrdhë, and 3 Full-Length Albums entitled: "Darkness Times" (released March 5th, 2014); "Dense Fog" (released May 1st, 2020) & this here 3rd album entitled: "Eternal Flame" of which I am introduced to. 10 tracks ranging at around 30:56; ARMNATT arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Black Metal developments.

Opening up with this haunting graveyard filled with ambience and creepy eeriness; “The Ancient Path” , a blistering barrage frenzy engages in advancing towards the rapidly swift trailblazing of the “Darkness Embrace”. A bulldozing synergy on riveting riffs surges with wildly rushing mayhem, manifesting a clobbering bombast on primitively raw meatiness where monstrous malformations transcends a chiselling overdose on some slaying rips that shred with thunderous aggression in extreme but blasphemous profanity. Rampantly rompy weight utilizes uniquely versatile vehemence on deadly calamity as consisting drummer Tenebrous revels with profusely robust punchiness, unearthing tightly volatile yet rambunctious hammering in which showcases this organic substance on sulfurous yet stampeding rampage which stomps speakers with towering pursuits on slaying malstrom momentum which will pound your soul with heavily.

A berserking contrast in quintessential virtuosity & vibrance slams with steamrolling perseverance as “All In Ruins'' supplies this razor-sharp tonality where nothing but lacerating grovels growl and roar with soaring persistency; vocalist Velnius shouts with malicious outbursts of savagely sinister yells that bark ferociously with deep gutturals, scouring snares & while the trembling reverberation rumbles with sonically seamless thuds of `sturdy dexterity from fretwork firepower guitarist Murmuhr who attributes a monolithic tempo on relentless triggerings where tempestuously jarring yet ominous foundations in bleeding distortion combusts into eardrums with diligent finesse. “Black Moon'' fabricates a flamboyantly blackened distinction as dark and distinguished banishment in foreboding crescendos element an evil empowering embodiment of some maddening strikes that will rattle skulls and impact an immense sensation to break chairs over other chairs in no time - or unleash this satanic ritual at least.

Majestic Shadows” is another brief interlude of daunting atmospherics similar to the beginning introduction until this mountainous tone on moody vibes in “Dark Moon Rising” swerves with viciously speedy & veracious melody. The drums batter with smacking taps while the guitars continue to penetrate with piercing stability. While the throttling intensity in “Eternal Flame” grooves a belting rift on bruising heft, ruthless pandemonium & visceral velocity. While choppy chunkiness in “Immortal Might” distils a strong quake in effectively vigorous potency, where wrathfully technical tenacity subjugates this radically wicked jolt on chugging gallops and an otherworldly spiral of salubriously metal meltdowns grip a thrilling trepidation for all heads to thrash to while raising those devil horns for good measure.

The penultimate track “Hordeland” closes the record off in a fiendish fashion, where rollicking revs upscales with more outrageous pace while concretely gritty grinds evolve with chaotic havoc & everlasting hostility in fast domination while the overall concluding finisher: “What Once Was” completes the record with more cryptic but cemetery burials to unwind to. Bottom line; I am compelled to say that ARMNATT delivered a shattering yet spellbinding systematic of some symbolic retribution which your speakers, necks and clenched fists will thank you for immensely. An enjoyably entertaining discovery which all BM enthusiasts will most surely want to spin & replay a good handful of times. Do check it out, your blackened heart and soul will love it.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Ancient Path
2. Darkness Embrace
3. All in Ruins
4. Black Moon
5. Majestic Shadows
6. Dark Moon Rising
7. Eternal Flame
8. Immortal Might
9. Hordeland
10. What Once Was
Tenebrous - Drums
Murmuhr - Guitars
Velnius - Vocals
Record Label: Signal Rex Records


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