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Arpyian Horde - Arpyian Horde (CD)

Arpyian Horde
Arpyian Horde
by Grigoris Chronis at 25 February 2005, 9:05 PM

This is not the case of a Greek Metal band. Most acts tend to ensure their musical creativity through plain or 'unclear' or 'copy-this-paste-that' tunes, then scratching their balls via public relations management in order to gain reputation across their neighborhood/suburb/city. Opposed to the rule, Arpyian Horde release a 7 vinyl 2-track single (all hail PVC!) out of nowhere and I feel calm after the listening session, for I know that what I have heard is to be treated - at least - with respect.
Not willing to provide sufficient bio data for this quintet, music itself seems to be the mere representative of their scope. Two songs, a little over seven minutes each, with a distinguishing appetite to 'carry' the sound of weighty, pomp Power/Epic Metal. From Olympus… features a marching tempo with respect to the legacy of Bathory (epic-era) and Doomsword. On the contrary, Wind From The Cave enlists a set of 'battle cry' guitar riffing, in a variety of non-slow rhythms. Suitable are the narrative parts, also, reminding me of (80's) Manowar or Warlord at times.
In terms of composing, both songs are on a good level, really applicable for the fans of 80's-spirited Epic Metal. As for the players, even if the mixture between them rolls in nature, it is somehow 'demanded' for such pieces of music to be accompanied by more 'solid' rhythm parts (drums, bass or guitars). It's true that the songs' production can't offer such help since this would be a loss for the 'emotional' part of the music. It's just - in my opinion - a matter of adjusting passion against musicianship.
No more words needed. A very good effort (I think it's the Greek band's first release) that should not be missed (limited edition of 500 copies). All Arpyian Horde members come from other famous Greek Metal bands, still there's no need to focus on such stuff. Treating the band like 'rookies' - I think - reveals the songs' individual character. March!

3 Star Rating

From Olympus…
Wind From The Cave
John Vogiantzis - Vocals
Michael Perantinos - Guitar
John Alexandrakis - Drums
Takis Fytos - Bass
Kostas Tzortzis - Guitars
Record Label: Cult Metal Classics


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